2021 was all about STRIKES and VICTORIES

This was the year workers said ENOUGH.

We saw strikes across the country and around the world. We saw workers quitting jobs that didn’t pay or respect us in record numbers. And because of our solidarity, workers in 56 cities, counties, and states are getting a raise at the start of the year. More states and cities are raising their minimum wage than in any time in history!

Our movement did this. We won $15 in Rhode Island and Delaware. We got out the vote and passed $15 in Tucson. And we took the fight straight to multi-national corporations and bosses raking in record bonuses to tell them clearly: we won’t stand by while you exploit us.

However, we know this fight isn’t over. As long as ANYONE is still paid a poverty wage or stopped from joining a union, we’re going to keep fighting. Share now and spread the word >>