2022 was all about UNIONS

Woman holding a Fight for $15 sign. Next to her it says: "We have power together"

2022, we organized. We went on strike, and we took the fight to huge corporations. And because we fought together, we won big:

  • More than 250 Starbucks stores voted to unionize in the biggest union wave in recent history.
  • Workers around the country took the fight to the ballot box, winning $15 in Nebraska and electing our champions up and down the ballot.
  • Southerners across the fast-food, home care, retail industries, and more who have been organizing as part of Raise Up and the Fight for $15 and a Union for years are joining together and taking on corporate greed and the racist systems of exploitation by forming their own union – the Union of Southern Service Workers.
  • The Fight for $15 and a Union celebrated ten years of fighting for low-wage workers. Since 2012, we’ve won $150 billion in raises for more than 26 million low-wage workers. With support for workers, our rights, dignity, respect, and unions are stronger than they’ve been in over 50 years.

Every march and every strike is leading us closer to a world where EVERY worker has dignity, respect, and union rights. We have more work to do in the years ahead, but today we celebrate our victories. Join us in the fight of unions for ALL and sign now >>