5 things you HAVE to see from the #FightFor15’s takedown of McDonald’s

Over the past two days, as McDonald’s geared up for its annual shareholders meeting, we proved one thing true:

McDonald’s may have billions of dollars at its disposal – but we have the people, the heart, and the passion that will WIN this fight.

Don’t believe me? Check out these 5 must-see videos from our actions this week.

Like these workers who marched straight to McDonald’s shiny, new HQ on Monday and called them out for spending millions advertising to Black and Brown folks – while paying them too little to survive:

Or this 11-year-old, the daughter of a deported Mexican immigrant, who moved the crowd with her speech: “The president says Mexican immigrants are animals. We are NOT animals – but if I was, I’d be a black panther fighting for justice.”:

And Mary, who participated in civil disobedience with the #FightFor15 and #PoorPeoplesCampaign in the Springfield, IL capitol building to fight against poverty and systemic racism, declaring “TODAY, THEY WILL HEAR US”:

Don’t forget the group of workers who brought the energy BACK to McDonald’s HQ the next day to stand with the women filing sexual harassment claims against McDonald’s:

And this worker, one of many who bravely stood up and told their stories of experiencing sexual harassment at McDonald’s with the support of their fellow workers behind them:

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We’re the Fight for $15. We’re not stopping until we WIN.