Solidarity Summer is Here

Individuals on Strike outside the Starbucks strike bus.

Over 3,000 Starbucks workers at 150+ stores across the country went on strike in June. Thousands of hotel workers went back on strike in Los Angeles, and the writers’ strike has been going on for months. Now, SAG-AFTRA is striking too until their demands are met. The jobs are different but many of the issues… Read more →

Starbucks Workers #StrikeWithPride!

A group of individuals on Strike.

Across the country, Starbucks workers went on STRIKE! Managers had been tearing down Pride flags in Starbucks stores – and that’s just the latest in their string of attacks on LGBTQIA+ workers. Tell Starbucks today to stop silencing queer workers! Ever since we began our fight for union rights, Starbucks has been coming down hard… Read more →

Workers Rights Are Trans and Queer Rights

A Starbucks Workers United graphic reading 'Workers Rights are Trans and Queer Rights'

This Pride Month, Starbucks will “look the part”. They will claim to be “progressive” and “pro-LGBTQ+”, but Starbucks workers know the truth. They’ve seen firsthand how Starbucks has silenced trans and queer workers just for speaking out about their working conditions. Workers will not be intimidated – join us in telling Starbucks to stop silencing… Read more →

It’s Time to Demand a Federal Minimum Wage Increase

Senator Sanders stands outside the Capitol

Can you believe the U.S. federal minimum wage is still just $7.25/hr? And it’s been this way for almost 15 YEARS! NO ONE can live off this poverty wage. It’s a disgrace to hardworking people struggling to put food on the table and working two, or even three, jobs to keep a roof over their… Read more →

WATCH NOW: Workers and allies take the fight to Starbucks HQ

A protest sign reading "Grind Beans, Not Workers"

While Starbucks shareholders were counting their profits, hundreds of workers and allies rallied outside of Starbucks headquarters. Our message was simple – stop union busting and respect Starbucks workers. Watch and share now >>     Starbucks workers across the country have consistently faced the same issues: erratic scheduling, short staffing, low pay, and disrespect…. Read more →

Organizing works – Starbucks’ former CEO will answer to the Senate

Everyone should have their rights and voice respected in the workplace – plain and simple. Companies like Starbucks should not be allowed to deny their employees the right to unionize. Add your name in solidarity with Starbucks workers fighting for a union >> Starbucks brags about being a ‘leader in the industry’ for their employee… Read more →

Worker History is Our History

People at a march holding a banner that says "Unions for All".

Black workers – and specifically Black women workers – have always been central to America’s labor movement. On the heels of Black History Month and in the spirit of Women’s History Month, we’re honoring leaders like Addie Wyatt who fought the racist and sexist status quo to become a labor and civil rights leader. During… Read more →

We’re continuing MLK Jr.s legacy of fighting back

Mama Cookie from the Union of Southern Workers says: "The problems that we face aren't isolated to one employer so we can't just focus on one employer. We need a union that reflects this reality."

The history of the South is one of resistance, of fights for freedom, and of revolutionary workers. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was in Memphis to support striking sanitation workers that awful day he was killed. We’re carrying on that tradition. We’ve been organizing as part of Raise Up and the Fight for $15… Read more →