American Needs Unions Town Hall Series Kicks Off in Tampa

Tampa America Needs Unions Town Hall

On Wednesday, May 30, Fight for $15 workers, union members, students, activists, and a congressional candidates gathered in Tampa to hold the first in the America Needs Unions series of Town Halls. Everyone who works hard should be able to make ends meet. But too many people are working longer hours for lower wages because billionaires and the politicians they back have rigged the economy against those of us who work for a living.

When workers join together in unions, we all win. The playing field gets leveled and all Americans – not just the wealthy and powerful – have a voice and can do well. When more of us are in unions, we can raise wages and create balanced, inclusive growth. We can build strong communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, no matter where you are from or what you look like.

With that in mind, Tampa workers wanted to know where the candidates stood on the critical issue of union rights and how to get more workers unionized. All candidates running for Congress in Florida’s 15th congressional district were invited. Every Republican declined to attend. Democratic candidates Kristen Carlson, Andrew Learned, and Ray Peña were in attendance and addressed union rights and answered questions throughout the meeting.





Watch the full Town Hall below:



The meeting began with testimonials from workers sharing their stories




Candidates then answered questions, shared their own union stories, and made a promise to stand with workers and their unions if elected.





Throughout the summer, working people are joining together to hold elected leaders and 2018 candidates accountable in a powerful fight to unrig America’s economy. Check back here to see what other candidates for office have to say when it comes to getting more workers in unions!