Workers Want To Know: Will Alexander Acosta Stand Up for Us?

The Fight for $15 scored a major victory when we helped knock out Donald Trump’s first pick to lead the Department of Labor – the awful fast-food CEO Andy Puzder.

Now, Donald Trump has nominated Alexander Acosta for the job – and we want to know: Will he stand up for us?

This is our moment to find out – and make sure our senators hold him accountable.

Check out these questions submitted by Fight for $15 supporters sharing what we want to #AskAcosta – then submit your own question!


Will you support a $15 minimum wage so hardworking Americans can feed our families and pay our bills? – Douglas, New York


Will you fight cities and states who want to raise their minimum wage rates or do you believe those places should have local autonomy? – Tom, California


Will you support equal pay for equal work? – Tiffany, Colorado


Can we count on you to implement and enforce protections against sexual harassment & other abuses perpetrated against all workers? – Gina, Ohio


Will you prevent workplace harassment and fight to provide safe workplaces for all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, nationalities, and religions? – Stephen, Pennsylvania


Will you protect peoples’ rights to go on strike without facing repercussions from their employers? – Charles, Texas

With the labor secretary nominee’s hearing coming up, what do you want to #AskAcosta?