Big step forward in McDonald’s wage theft lawsuit

In great news for McDonald’s workers, US Judge James Donato has certified that a group of workers can a bring lawsuit against the McDonald’s corporation that alleges that franchises of the fast-food giant stole wages from workers. This is a big deal.

“McDonald’s abusive practices aren’t a problem just for my family and me, but for workers across California,” said former McDonald’s worker and class representative Yadira Rodriguez.

“Stealing workers’ pay must stop immediately, and with this decision to certify a class action, we are on our way to making sure we are paid for all of the hard work we have done to make the company its billions. My hope isn’t just to gain back the money McDonald’s owes me, but to win for all workers who McDonald’s owes.

This is more proof that when workers stand together, they can fight back and win big. We’ll be following and supporting this case closely — ALL workers deserve to be paid for their hard work.

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