Black Lives, Communities, Jobs Matter

Fight for $15 workers have joined hundreds of thousands of people across the country this week to declare #BlackLivesMatter.

All across the country workers have been peacefully protesting the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other Black and Brown people beaten, maimed, or killed by police violence.

The police’s response? More brutality in cities around the country.

The same system that pays fast-food workers poverty wages equips police with state-of-the-art military gear to attack and terrorize Black and Brown communities.

The fight for higher wages, union rights, and respect on the job is about a movement of people fighting the same system that has killed Black and Brown people for DECADES.

We can’t be free without a job that pays us enough to take care of our families and our communities.

We can’t be free when we are sexually harassed at work.

We can’t be free when we are forced to do life threatening work during the pandemic without basic safety equipment.

We can’t be free until they value our lives and respect us.

Act Now: Donate to bail funds nationwide to get protestors out of the hands of police and back to their communities.

Together we fight, together we will win.