Tell McDonald’s: Give your workers paid sick leave NOW

Dozens of McDonald’s workers in 14 states have contracted the virus and in a recent survey 22 percent of McDonald’s workers report they have gone to work feeling sick during the COVID-19 pandemic because of a lack of paid sick leave, fear of management retaliation for missing shifts or because they simply cannot afford to miss a paycheck.

We demand McDonald’s adopt a comprehensive plan to protect customers and all workers at franchised and corporate-operated stores who wear the McDonald’s uniform and are the essential contributors to its billion dollar revenue and profits:

  • McDonald’s must adhere to the strictest safety standards based on the best available scientific evidence and supply all Crew Members with critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • McDonald’s must provide PAID sick leave to all workers who wear the McDonald’s uniform
  • McDonald’s must cover the cost of Covid-19 testing and treatment for all affected crew members. When McDonald’s crew members are diagnosed COVID-19 positive, McDonald’s must:

    1. Immediately close all store locations where the Crew Member(s) worked in the previous two weeks
    2. Notify within 24 hours all crew members and the public at locations where COVID-19 positive crew members worked in the previous two weeks. Workers should be placed in quarantine and provided with two-weeks of quarantine pay.
    3. Conduct a deep clean of all locations where COVID-19 employees worked in accordance with health department guidelines to ensure that returning workers and customers are safe.
  • McDonald’s must provide Covid-19 Essential Worker Pay of at least double $15/hour for crew members who continue to serve the public during this pandemic.
  • McDonald’s must halt dividend payments for the remainder of 2020 to free resources needed to provide full protection from the COVID virus for every corporate and franchise worker