Tell McDonald’s: Give your workers paid sick leave NOW

McDonald’s responded to our petition by giving corporate McDonald’s employees two weeks of paid sick leave for people in quarantine — updating their policy for workers in only 5% of stores. That still excludes hundreds of thousands of cooks and cashiers. Our demands remain the same: ALL McDonald’s workers should have paid sick leave.

McDonald’s refuses to give ALL workers paid sick leave – even in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.

But when cooks and cashiers get sick, they have no choice: come into work sick, or end up on the streets.

That’s why we’re demanding McDonald’s take action to protect their workers and the public:

  • Provide paid sick leave to all workers who wear the McDonald’s uniform, including for the full length of any quarantine period, in the event that they or their immediate family members show symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection;
  • Update its safety protocols to maximally protect workers from COVID-19;
  • Pay workers for any missed shifts if a McDonald’s restaurant is required to close due to the potential spread of COVID-19;
  • Provide protections that mitigate harmful economic effects on workers and lay out a fair process for return to work in the event of an economic downturn; and
  • Post its COVID-19 policy in all stores and immediately train all managers and workers on this policy.

UPDATE (March 26)

The Governors of 25 states and D.C. have declared 2.2 million workers preparing food in restaurants like McDonald’s to be essential employees in this crisis.

It’s past time that McDonald’s use its massive resources to be a leader on behalf of the workers who contribute so much to its brand, reputation, and corporate profits.

We additionally demand that:

  • Any worker who wears the McDonald’s uniform, must be allowed to refuse to work over safety concerns, without termination or penalty. Some of us have to stay at home to take care of ourselves and our families, or because we are quarantined, fall into particularly at-risk population groups or are worried about keeping ourselves safe on the job;
  • McDonald’s must provide all non-working Crew Members with Covid-19 Pandemic Pay for the next 60 days. This should include supplementing any shortfall occurring through a delay in unemployment payments; McDonald’s must provide additional Covid-19 Hazard Pay of at least $3 an hour for Crew Members who continue to serve the public during this pandemic;
  • McDonald’s must cover the cost of Covid-19 testing and treatment for all affected workers;
  • McDonald’s must adhere to the strictest safety standards put forward by the CDC and local health officials, including social distancing, and supplying all of us with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment. If individual stores are unable to meet these essential safety standards, they should be closed.