California workers rise up for unions

Childcare workers, fast-food workers, home healthcare workers and others from more than a dozen unions and organizations were joined by elected officials at an America Needs Unions town hall Saturday in San Jose, California. In the face of growing attacks on working families, they demanded a brighter future through stronger worker protections and more folks in unions.

Rich corporations create homelessness by paying too little to afford skyrocketing California rents — and then turn around and banish homeless folks from their lobbies and parking lots.

California elected officials spoke clearly about the benefits of unions, and we agree with Rep. Ro Khanna, “We have to actually build unions in this country!”

Rep. Zoe Lofgren spoke on the legacy of union activism in her family, and the need for a renewed commitment to organizing. “This is a long fight” she said, but we aren’t going to back down now.

California State Assembly Member Ash Kalra made it clear. We need more workers in unions. That’s what politicians should be fighting for.

He closed his remarks calling for the movement to keep “hope in our hearts” and “show the world how to stand up for workers.”

Watch the full video of the Northern California Town Hall here:

America Needs Unions Town Hall – San Jose #Union #WeRise

Posted by SEIU Local 521 on Saturday, July 21, 2018

Or watch the 5 minute recap here: