Celebrate the Fight for $15 this Labor Day

15 sign

Labor Day is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of workers – and how far we’ve come in the Fight for $15. In recent months, we have had plenty to celebrate. Here are some of the highlights:

Delaware and Rhode Island went to a $15/hr minimum wage.

Workers in Chicago won back pay for being denied paid sick leave.

Workers in California won stronger COVID protocols and paid sick leave after being told dog diapers were adequate PPE.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Sanders joined the fight to tell McDonald’s – at their shareholders meeting – that their poverty wages and inhumane working conditions are unacceptable.

Gif of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez saying "You should actually raise your wages to $15 an hour for every McDonald's worker in this country minimum." Sen. Sanders saying "If they can pay their CEO 10 million dollars, you know what they can do? They can pay their workers a living wage."

New research came out showing that the Fight for $15 has resulted in $150 billion won in raises for 26 million workers since 2012, with half going to workers of color.

Since the #FightFor15 started, this movement has won: $150 billion in raises for 26 million workers, $76 billion in raises for workers of color, $70 billion in raises for women workers

Even as we celebrate these wins, too many working people are still struggling to afford basic necessities like food, housing, transportation, and healthcare. We’re STILL fighting for sick leave for all during the second year of a global pandemic. And we’re still pushing Congress to act and make a $15 wage the bare minimum that working people make in this country.

Share our message online to keep up the momentum until every worker gets $15/hr, and the dignity and respect they deserve.