Connecticut Senator Meets With Workers to say America Needs Unions

This weekend, passionate workers and union members spoke with US Senator Chris Murphy about living wages, the right to organize, and the need for more Americans to be in unions at the final America Needs Unions Town Hall in Connecticut.

Angel Candeario, the MC, kicked things off by reminding us all of the lasting impact of this fight. “If it doesn’t affect you today, it’s going to affect your children and grandchildren.”



Richard, a worker at Burger King who makes just $10.25 an hour, shared how hard it is to take care of himself and his medical expenses while making so little — and that’s where a union could help.



Kara shared similar struggles on trying to make ends meet on such low pay. “I’ve worked at least two jobs for as long as I can remember. We’re one injury, one sick day, one car breakdown away from devastation.”



And when Senator Murphy took the mic, he spoke in solidarity with these workers in the fight for a fair wage and the right to organize, and shared how he believes we can start to fix the system. “It’s not a coincidence that as union membership goes down, the separation between the rich and poor gets bigger and bigger.”




Bottom line? Workers deserve more. America needs unions!

Watch the full town hall here:

SEIU Labor Forum With Senator Chris Murphy

Posted by SEIU – CT State Council on Saturday, September 22, 2018