Dear 2018: We’re ready

What a year.

We’ve faced direct and relentless attacks against working people all year long. And we’ve fought back just as hard.

As we gear up for next year, here are 9 moments that truly mattered for our #FightFor15 in 2017:

We beat Trump's labor pick, Andy Puzder

In February, When Donald Trump nominated one of the WORST fast-food CEOs to lead the department of labor, we fought back – and forced Puzder out of consideration.

We fought for The Dream

In April, on the 49th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination, THOUSANDS from the Fight for $15 joined the Movement for Black Lives in rallies across the nation to put it all on the line for racial justice, fair pay, and The Dream.

We marched on McDonald's

In May, we took the fight – and thousands of workers – directly to McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago as shareholders gathered for their annual meeting.

And we marched on Trump

The same week we brought the fight to McDonald’s, thousands of us also marched on Trump Tower to call out Donald Trump’s attacks on working people.

We stood with La'Ray Reed

In June, we got the shocking news that La’Ray Reed, a transgender McDonald’s worker, was fired after reporting the sexual harassment she experienced on the job. We fought back immediately with a petition, collecting over 10,000 signatures in solidarity with La’Ray.

Adjunct faculty won a union

In July, adjunct faculty at Duke University won a huge victory when they reached an agreement with Duke on a union contract – the very first of its kind in the south!

Hospital workers joined the fight

On Labor Day, Hospital workers announced they were joining the Fight for $15 as we launched Labor Day actions in hundreds of cities.
Target went to $15 an hour

In a major victory for working people and our movement, Target announced a plan in September to raise wages for all 323,000 of their employees to a minimum of $15 an hour by 2020.

The single most important piece of the #Fightfor15: YOU!

On Labor Day, we launched a brand new wing of our fight – the Forty for $15. The Forty for $15 gives you the tools to organize, fight, and ultimately replace the worst politicians in 2018.

We’re ready for 2018.

Ready to fight.

Ready to vote.

Ready to change the political map in this country.

Are you ready, too? Sign up now to join the 40 for $15 and help us win next year.

You helped us get this far and you’ll help us win next year, too.

Thank you for a year of fighting.