Democrats and Bernie Sanders Introduce National $15 Minimum Wage Bill

Fight for $15 sign

Senator Bernie Sanders and the Democratic leadership in Congress just introduced a federal bill to help us – and millions like us: A bill to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour across the country.

When 200 fast-food workers walked off their jobs in New York City in 2012 to demand $15 an hour and union rights, we were called crazy – President Obama had yet to call for even a $9 an hour federal minimum wage.

But since winning raises for over twenty-two million Americans, things have changed. As Jeff Stein at Vox explains:

The bill signals a new priority for the party. Just two years ago, in 2015, Bernie Sanders (I-VT) could only find five Senate Democrats to co-sponsor his bill. Now, a version introduced by Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Patty Murray (D-WA) and Sanders has support from almost half of the caucus.

As #FightFor15 leader Terrence Wise put it, “we’ve gone from laughable to inevitable.”

Congress MUST pass this bill to provide help for the millions of people around the nation who barely scrape by every single day.

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