Essential Workers Testify to North Carolina General Assembly

Essential workers from a wide range of industries across North Carolina – including homecare, transportation, and fast-food – testified to members of the North Carolina General Assembly. Workers were there to share how frontline workers are being treated as expendable, especially as states like NC push to “re-open,” even though we’ve been deemed “essential”

Here is some of their powerful testimony:

  • “I face a dire scenario. If I get sick with coronavirus, I need to quarantine. But we don’t have any paid sick time.” – Brenda Bell, a family home childcare provider.
  • I’ve been on the frontline since the pandemic started. I’m very terrified, I’m scared to death. It’s unbelievable to me how people get on our transit system and don’t wear a mask.” – Sherita McCullers, Go Raleigh Transit.
  • “The masks [McDonald’s] gave us are so thin I can blow right through it. So they are not really protecting us from anything.” – Rita Blalock, McDonald’s worker.

In North Carolina, and all over the country, workers are making their voices heard.

What we need now is action. This is a moment for elected officials at every level to use their power to give workers a seat at the table and set and enforce safety standards across essential industries.

When workers have a say in health and safety decisions, everyone is safer. We can’t wait a day longer.

Sign this petition to let the North Carolina General Assembly know that we demand an Essential Worker Health & Safety Council NOW!