Essential workers voted & essential workers WON!

Alex voted for $15/hr and will be getting a raise next year.

Across the country, essential workers voted: for ourselves and each other. And we won BIG: raises for 2.5 million Florida workers and a president who promises higher wages, union rights, and solutions to the COVID crisis.

Our votes were vital to this victory and we’re going to keep on fighting until we get what we need to thrive. Share this victory with your friends and family.

Make no mistake: this is more than a moment – it’s a movement. And it belongs to all of us.

It belongs to Dewanda and Sheila, whose votes mattered in Racine, Wisconsin.

Dewanda and Shelia's votes mattered in WI.

It belongs to Monica whose vote demanded dignity and justice at work in Durham, North Carolina.

Monica voted for dignity at work.

It belongs to Doris, a McDonald’s worker-leader in California who voted for her family and coworkers.

Doris, a worker-leader, voted for her family and coworkers.

And it belongs to Alex from Tampa, Florida who will be getting a raise next year thanks to the power of his vote.

Alex voted for $15/hr and will be getting a raise next year.

We. Are. Winning. We’ve led strike after strike and changed the conversation around what we need to be paid to live in America. Over 43% of the US workforce will be in states with minimum wages rising to $15 or more.

This movement is about much more than a single election. It’s about lifting up our communities to demand living wages, accessible healthcare, racial justice, immigrant safety, and toppling the forces that keep us living in poverty while they make millions.

We’re not stopping now. We’re striking, we’re marching, we’re voting, and we’re winning. Celebrate by sharing this post!