Fast-Food Workers Shut Down Hardee’s HQ, Puzder is ‘Unfit to Serve’

Thousands of workers across America marched on restaurants and offices to protest Andrew Puzder, Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary. Puzder is the the CEO of CKE Restaurants, and his companies, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., are known for their anti-worker policies and practices. The Fight for $15 is watching and won’t let him and his approach become the norm in our country.

We’re saying it loud and clear: ANDY PUZDER IS UNFIT FOR SECRETARY OF LABOR.

Recently, his own employees filed 33 legal complaints against CKE. He’s accused of putting surveillance on employees, stealing wages, and sending out intimidating letters telling people not to speak to the press.

On Monday, workers stormed the corporate HQs of both Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Check out the videos below:

Yesterday’s actions are proof that the people oppose Puzder and his cronies. The Fight for $15 will NEVER back down.