Fight for $15 Workers Call on McDonald’s to Put Workers Over Shareholders

Today, McDonald’s released their quarterly dividend, paying a projected $929.4 MILLION to investors.

McDonald’s could have used this money to make sure workers have paid sick leave and hazard pay during this pandemic. But instead, McDonald’s is lining the pockets of shareholders — leaving its workers, particularly those of color, to weather the pandemic on their own.

Fight for $15 workers and allies responded by releasing a detailed memo highlighting exactly how McDonald’s is prioritizing shareholders over workers. McDonald’s worker and Fight for $15 leader Terrence Wise also took to social media to make our message heard:

From lobbying the White House to carveout McDonald’s cooks and cashiers from mandatory paid sick leave, to waiting weeks before starting to provide masks and gloves to its workers who still don’t have adequate supplies, McDonald’s has shown they care more about their bottom line, and burgers and fries, than their own workers’ lives.

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