Fight for $15 joins Rev. Dr. William Barber II and #MoralRevival in protests across U.S.

The Fight for $15 is joining with Rev. Dr. William Barber II, architect of the #MoralMonday movement, and Repairers of the Breach – to call on our elected leaders to embrace morally just policies like $15 an hour, health care for all, and an end to racism and discrimination.

At every event across the nation, we’ll read a Moral Declaration signed by tens of thousands. We’ll be in state capitols across the country — we’re coming together because we have seen far too many wrongs.

It’s wrong that 64 million people work hard every day – but still can’t make enough to keep food on the table for their families.

It’s wrong that millions of underpaid workers are denied their right to a union.

It’s wrong that more than half of black and Latino working families are paid less than $15 thanks to discrimination in hiring, underfunded schools, and a biased criminal justice system.

As Dr. King said nearly fifty years ago – we must break the silence about the injustices in our society.

Our leaders must hear that they will be judged by their efforts to improve the lives of people on the margin – women, children, underpaid workers, immigrants and the most vulnerable.