Fight for $15 COVID-19 McDonald’s Demands

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McDonald’s cooks and cashiers Tuesday called on the company to implement a series of commonsense policies to help hundreds of thousands of frontline workers deal with potentially devastating economic and public health effects of the spreading coronavirus.

Paid Sick and Medical Care: We demand that McDonald’s provide PAID sick leave to all workers who wear the McDonald’s uniform—in both corporate and franchised stores— in the event that they or their immediate family members show symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection. Specifically:

  • We demand McDonald’s provide paid sick leave until we or our immediate family members test negative or are otherwise cleared by health professionals.
  • If we are quarantined, McDonald’s must continue to pay us until the quarantine is lifted. If individual schools or districts close, workers responsible for the care of children whose schools have closed should be provided paid leave as well.
  • McDonald’s must cover the cost of testing or treatment of COVID-19.

Safety Protocols: We demand McDonald’s update its safety protocols to maximally protect workers from COVID-19, including the following:

  • McDonald’s must immediately provide additional cleaning supplies and protective equipment consistent with expert recommendations to all workers;
  • McDonald’s must ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained to both increase the frequency of cleanings in all restaurant areas and to perform these cleaning tasks safely;
  • McDonald’s must seek out expert guidance on the best practices to minimize infection risk for all workers, including workers at point-of-sale (e.g., using gloves for handling cash, antimicrobial liquid at cash registers and drive-thru windows).

Restaurant Closures: If a McDonald’s restaurant is required to close due to the potential spread of COVID-19, we demand McDonald’s pay us for any missed shifts.

Economic Downturn: If an economic downturn results in layoffs or reduced hours, we demand the company provide protections that mitigate harmful economic effects on workers and lay out a fair process for return to work.

Notice and Training: We demand McDonald’s post its COVID-19 policy in all stores and immediately train all managers and workers on this policy.

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