Fight for $15 Leader Adriana Alvarez is helping our movement expand globally

In the United States and countries around the world, workers are demanding fair pay, labor policies, and workers’ rights.

Fight for $15 Leader and McDonald’s worker Adriana Alvarez recently returned from a trip to Europe, where she spoke with hundreds of workers about the importance of women’s rights, worker power, and using strikes to win.

In Brussels, she spoke on a panel about women’s rights alongside former Brazillian president Dilma Roussef, a labor activist from Spain, and a local lawmaker as part of Manifiesta. The next day, she took her message to a discussion on multinational corporations like Amazon and McDonald’s, emphasizing the importance of international worker solidarity to fight back.

“This is why I fight – not just for my colleagues, not just for my son, but for the future,” she told the audience at “Why We Strike”.

There’s nothing stronger than international solidarity. Workers across the world are fighting back and going on strike like we are in the US. While in the UK, Adriana met a fellow McDonald’s worker from London who is a part of the McStrike movement in the UK, as well as another service worker who is a part of the “Spoon Strike” fight.

Adriana was in the UK as part of “The World Transformed” — an event put on alongside the Labour Party conference. Check out her interview with the nonprofit War on Want.

Today, millions of people are part of our growing movement. Companies like McDonald’s have international reach so workers have to organize across borders. Will you join the fight?