#FightFor15 workers turned out BIG in Charleston, SC

 On Sunday, January 17, workers from fast-food, homecare, child care and other underpaid industries in the Fight for $15 joined up to protest ahead of the evening’s Democratic debate.

“Workers need a raise and we need it now,” Betsy Smalls, a McDonald’s worker from North Charleston told The Guardian.

“Whether it’s McDonald’s and other large companies raising pay or politicians using their power to lift wages, we need higher pay any way we can get it. And we will stand with any politician in any political party who gets behind our call for $15 an hour and the right to a union.”

We were 1,000 strong at the Democratic presidential debate. We made it clear that the 64 million workers who make less than $15/hour in this country deserve better. We’re taking our fight all the way to the ballot come November.

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