Florida, California, Detroit, and Milwaukee STRIKE Against Exploitation

Fight for 15 protest outside a South Memphis McDonalds

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Workers have been fighting and winning increases in the minimum wage across the country. But for too many workers, $15/hr is still years away or not even on the radar at the state level.

That’s why workers have been on strike multiple times this year. In just the past few months, there have been strikes to fight for better wages and working conditions.

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  • In California, fast-food workers have gone on strike through the summer and into this week, winning thousands of dollars in back wages and additional protections for fast food workers.
  • In Florida, fast-food workers went on strike in September to call for $15/hr and the right to a union.
  • In Michigan, McDonald’s workers went on strike last week to demand $15/hr for ALL, not just new hires.
  • In Wisconsin, McDonald’s workers walked off this job this week for fair pay, respect on the job, and union rights!

The Fight for $15 is winning. 10 states and 40+ cities have raised or are on their way to raising wages for tens of millions of workers.

But the fight won’t stop until EVERYONE has $15/hr and union rights. No one should have to live in poverty. No one should be exploited by billion dollar corporations like McDonald’s.

Until Congress and corporations take action to end poverty wages, the Fight for $15 will keep speaking out, marching, and striking. Add your name in support of $15/hr >>