Florida fast-food workers strike, highlight the need for paid sick leave

Across Florida, workers are going on strike demonstrating their power online and demanding presidential candidates stand for $15/hr and a Union.

Fast-food companies like McDonald’s are refusing to give all workers paid sick leave. This is why we’re demanding union rights: so that we can help fix issues like lack of paid sick leave, inadequate pay, prevalent sexual harassment, and workplace violence.

No one should be forced to choose between taking a sick day, especially as we deal with the coronavirus outbreak, and making sure their basic needs — like housing, food, and health care — are taken care of.

Florida’s presidential primary takes place on Tuesday 3/17. Workers are demanding candidates stand with us and make it easier to join a union, no matter where we work, so that we can have a seat at the table, a voice on the job, and build a better future for our families.

Support the strike online NOW: help fight for $15 an hour and #UnionsforAll!