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Just how expensive is Kansas? Here’s what one analysis says is the minimum living wage
The Wichita Eagle
Lindsay Smith
November 30, 2023

How minimum wage rises will affect the early years education and childcare sector
The Conversation
Helen Norman, Jennifer Tomlinson, Kate Hardy
November 24, 2023

Benefits of historic auto union worker contracts redound to non-union labor as well
Rachel Maddow
November 20, 2023

SAG-AFTRA deal includes higher minimum wages for background actors and AI protections, sources say
NBC News
Chloe Melas and Rebecca Cohen
November 9, 2023

Waffle House workers organize for better pay and workplace safety
Thomas Wheatley
November 2, 2023

Workers Want Unions: How States Have Strengthened Worker Power in 2023
Center for American Progress
Isabela Salas-Betsch and Karla Walter
November 1, 2023

‘A tipping point’ in equal pay: Automakers are scrapping tiered wages
Washington Post
Abha Bhattarai
October 31, 2023

New labor rule could be a big deal for millions of franchise and contract workers. Here’s why.
CBS News
Kate Gibson
October 26, 2023

US unions winning big gains amid ‘Great Reset’ in worker power
The Guardian
Steve Greenhouse
October 24, 2023

Calif. Fast Food Worker Pay Deal Shows New Power Balance
Daniela Porat
October 17, 2023

New research finds $15 minimum wages raise pay and increase employment for low-wage workers
Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Michael Reich, Justin Wiltshire, and Carl McPherson
October 16, 2023

‘I don’t think it’s too much’: Waffle House workers push for $25 an hour
The Guardian
Michael Sainato
October 16, 2023

New California law raises minimum wage to $25 for health care workers
Ana B. Ibarra
October 13, 2023

Kaiser Permanente Reaches Tentative Deal With Health Care Workers
New York Times
Reed Abelson and Emily Baumgaertner
October 13, 2023

Why are there so many strikes? Workers are more powerful—and bosses are more clueless
Fast Company
Seth Harris
October 12, 2023

Extreme Heat Is Turning Up the Temperature on Workers — And Employers
Capital & Main
Vanessa Wong
October 5, 2023

Workers Exposed to Extreme Heat Have Few Protections
New York Times
Noah Weiland
October 5, 2023

Detroit and Hollywood Are Just the Advance Guard. Expect More Strikes.
Megan Leonhardt
September 29, 2023

Higher wages are coming for California’s fast-food workers. Here’s what to know about the new law
L.A. Times
Taryn Luna
September 28, 2023

The key to safer airports? Better wages and working conditions
The Hill
Ken Jacobs
September 26, 2023

Why Hundreds Of Southwest Airlines Crewmembers Picketed In Denver Last Week
Simple Flying
Joe Kunzler
September 25, 2023

Airport Workers Unite to Demand Protections Ahead of FAA Reauthorization Deadline
Travel Pulse
Laurie Baratti
September 15, 2023

Half a Million California Workers Get a Raise—and a Seat at the Table
American Prospect
Harold Meyerson
September 13, 2023

California fast food workers to get $20 minimum wage under new deal between labor and the industry
Associated Press
Adam Beam
September 11, 2023

Unions seek gains in hostile territory: ‘If you change the South, you change America’
Olivia Olander
September 6, 2023

‘A change is gonna come’ in the South
Tina Vásquez
August 24, 2023

Unionization Nears Record Levels as Students, Interns Organize
Bloomberg Law
Parker Purifoy
August 24, 2023

Hot strike summer has ‘real potential to last,’ Ivy League expert says: ‘There’s a contagion effect’
Jennifer Liu
August 21, 2023

How Los Angeles went from union foe to U.S. strike capital
Washington Post
Reis Thebault
August 18, 2023

Minneapolis City Council passes ordinance setting minimum wage for rideshare drivers
CBS News Minnesota
Pauleen Le, Marielle Mohs
August 17, 2023

Fast Food Brands Duck Joint Liability for Child Labor Violations
Bloomberg Law
Rebecca Rainey
August 15, 2023

Big business is using the popular vote to bypass California law
Jeremy B. White
August 14, 2023

California’s on the cusp of transforming America’s fast food industry — again
Jeremy B. White
August 14, 2023

It’s time to treat climate change like an on-the-job hazard
Fast Company
Kristin Toussaint
August 11, 2023

Starbucks must rehire fired union supporters, US appeals court rules
Daniel Wiessner
August 9, 2023

What You Need To Know About Gen Z’s Support for Unions
Center for American Progress
Aurelia Glass
August 9, 2023

Summer of labor: Why unions win pay hikes and new clout
Christian Science Monitor
Lauren Belsie and Patrik Jonsson
August 8, 2023

Who’s on strike and who’s close? Labor unions are flexing
Zachary Wolf
August 5, 2023

These states rank dead last in pay growth
The Hill
Matt Christy and Alix Martichoux
August 4, 2023

Extreme Heat Is Endangering America’s Workers—and Its Economy
Aryn Baker
August 3, 2023

Why everyone is on strike
Rani Molla
August 2, 2023

San Jose fast food workers rally against low wages, poor working conditions

CBS Bay Area
August 2, 2023

14 years ago the federal minimum wage was raised to $7.25 an hour. It hasn’t changed
NPR Morning Edition
July 31, 2023

Why We Know So Little About The U.S. ‘Union-Busting’ Industry
Dave Jamieson
July 28, 2023

Biden acts to protect workers as temperatures soar in record-setting July
Andrea Shalal and Liliana Salgado
July 27, 2023

‘It feels like it’s strike summer’: US unions flex muscles across industries
The Guardian
Steven Greenhouse
July 26, 2023

Democrats want to make the minimum wage $17 an hour and give nearly 28 million workers a raise
Business Insider
Juliana Kaplan and Eliza Relman
July 26, 2023

We last raised the US federal minimum wage 14 years ago. This is unacceptable
The Guardian
William Barber and A Kazmir Brown
July 24, 2023

Inside Starbucks’ Dirty War Against Organized Labor
New York Times
Megan K. Stack
July 21, 2023

America is barreling toward a summer of strikes
Josh Eidelson
July 20, 2023

Raising the Minimum Wage Would Be an Investment in Growing the Middle Class
Center for American Progress
Rose Khattar, Sara Estep and Lily Roberts
July 20, 2023

For fast food workers, organizing poses extra challenges
Steve Chiotakis
July 19, 2023

McDonald’s workers speak out over sexual abuse claims
Noor Nanji, Zoe Conway and Ellie Layhe
July 18, 2023

The ‘Summer Of Strikes’ (And Other Headlines)
Brian De Los Santos
July 14, 2023

Summer of climate catastrophes brings risks for workers
The Hill
Rachel Frazin and Saul Elbein
July 14, 2023

Fast-food workers rally as California lawmakers hold controversial franchise liability bill
Los Angeles Times
Suhauna Hussain
July 13, 2023

Starbucks Workers Face ‘Uphill Battle’ With Bids to Remove Union
Bloomberg Law
Parker Purifoy
July 12, 2023

The Future of the ‘Great Resignation’
The Atlantic
Lora Kelley
July 10, 2023

How Elba Makes a Living Wage
New York Times
David Leonhardt
July 7, 2023

Sanders Push for $17 Minimum Wage Resurrects Pay Raise Roadblock
Bloomberg Law
Diego Areas Munhoz
July 7, 2023

US labor agency sues Starbucks over treatment of Seattle workers
Jonathan Stempel
July 6, 2023

McDonald’s workers strike in San Jose over alleged discrimination
Sophia Villalba
July 6, 2023

Garners Ferry Waffle House employees claim unsafe and unhealthy work conditions
FOX Columbia
Kei’yona Jordon and Winston Rogers
July 5, 2023

DoorDash updates to include a minimum hourly wage for drivers
The Hill
Lauren Sforza
June 28, 2023

Is California using an old labor board to get around a fast food industry referendum?
Jeanne Kuang
June 28, 2023

Starbucks to Offer ‘Clearer’ Store Décor Guidelines After Pride Clash
New York Times
J. Edward Moreno
June 27, 2023

Chronicling the ‘Fight for $15’
New York Times
Patrick McGeehan
June 26, 2023

California’s law aimed at fast food wages is on hold. Lawmakers may have found a way around it
Associated Press
Adam Beam
June 26, 2023

McDonald’s workers to strike over paid sick leave in Oakland
Sophia Villalba
June 23, 2023

East LA McDonald’s workers protest after allegedly being forced to work through illnesses
CBS News
Matthew Rodriguez
June 20, 2023

The Racial Wage Gap Is Shrinking
New York Times
David Leonhardt
June 19, 2023

Joe Biden rallies with union workers in Philadelphia: ‘You built America’
The Guardian
Michael Sainato and Maya Yang
June 17, 2023

Biden is returning to his union roots as his 2024 campaign gears up
Associated Press
Will Weissert and Seung Min Kim
June 16, 2023

2023’s summer of strikes is scoring wins for workers—and its just getting started
Fast Company
Kim Kelly
June 15, 2023

US labor board ruling could spur unionizing by gig workers, others
Daniel Wiessner
June 13, 2023

Child-care providers by day, Amazon drivers by night. Workers fight for living wages
Los Angeles Times
Jenny Gold
June 12, 2023

Labor unions aren’t “booming.” They’re dying.
Dylan Matthews
June 10, 2023

The future of worker power can be found in Minnesota
Fast Company
Bryce Covert
June 4, 2023

Fast Food Chains That Have Been Caught Violating Child Labor Laws
Samantha Jacobs
June 3, 2023

Poll: Rare bipartisan support for reforming California’s ballot referendum rules
LA Times
Taryn Luna
June 2, 2023

‘We want a seat at the table’: Oakland fast food workers fight for regulations
Justo Robles
June 2, 2023

California State Assembly passes franchisor-franchisee joint liability bill
Restaurant Dive
Aneurin Canham-Clyne
June 1, 2023

Yes, you can be employed and homeless
David Brancaccio, Jarrett Dang
June 1, 2023

U.S. employers have gone from opposing international labor standards to hiding behind them. Now a complaint is trying to stop U.S.-style union busting from taking over the world
Christy Hoffman
May 29, 2023

The Restaurant Industry Has a Child Labor Problem

Jaya Saxena, Amy McCarthy
May 26, 2023

LA Times Today: Low wages, short hours drive many fast-food workers into homelessness

Los Angeles Times/Spectrum News 1
Lisa McRee, Andrea Chang
May 25, 2023

Service workers say their jobs have only gotten worse since the pandemic

Washington Post
Danielle Abril
May 25, 2023

Southern Workers Are Building a Movement to be Reckoned With

In These Times
Maximillian Alvarez
May 23, 2023

Detroit OKs workplace standards board for arena workers

Detroit News
Sarah Rahal
May 23, 2023

‘The law is finally catching up’: the union contract fight at Starbucks

The Guardian
Michael Sainato
May 12, 2023

These Unions Are on the Front Lines Fighting Against the Uberization of Us All

The Nation
Jane McAlevey
May 12, 2023

College Students Are Urging Their Schools Dump Starbucks Coffee Over Shutdowns of Unionized Cafes

Josh Eidelson
May 11, 2023

Worker shortage was supposed to give people with no college degree opportunity. But has it?

USA Today
Paul Davidson
May 10, 2023

The One Thing That United These 12 Biden and Trump Supporters

New York Times
Patrick Healy, Margie Omero and Adrian J. Rivera
May 9, 2023

Bernie Sanders unveils plan for $17-an-hour US minimum wage

The Guardian
Chris Stein
May 4, 2023

10-year-old children were found working at a Louisville McDonald’s until 2 a.m.

CNN Business
Michelle Watson
May 3, 2023

Más de 10,000 trabajadores de la comida rápida en California han estado sin hogar: “hemos vivido en nuestros carros

Dulce Castellanos
May 2, 2023

How the biggest private sector union wants to transform the restaurant workforce

Restaurant Dive
Aneurin Canham-Clyne
May 1, 2023

New York State Budget Deal Would Raise Minimum Wage and Change Bail Laws

New York Times
Luis Ferre-Sadurni, Grace Ashford
April 28, 2023

Starbucks Refused to Negotiate Fairly at 144 Unionized Cafes, US Labor Board Alleges

Josh Eidelson
April 26, 2023

Who’s Afraid of Julie Su?

New York Magazine
Sarah Jones
April 25, 2023

McDonald’s earnings beat estimates as U.S. traffic grows despite price hikes

Amelia Lucas
April 25, 2023

Raising Cane’s raises average wages to $19.50 an hour — ‘The right thing to do’

Yahoo Finance
Brooke DiPalma
April 22, 2023

Biden signs executive order that aims to lower cost of family care

Washington Post
Tony Romm
April 18, 2023

We must raise the minimum wage to a living wage

The Guardian
Bernie Sanders
April 17, 2023

Update: Ben & Jerry’s says it welcomes unionization efforts by Vermont ice cream scoopers

Fast Company
Clint Rainey
April 17, 2023

Starbucks Workers Unionize 300th Store Less than 18 Months After First Win

Sharon Zhang
April 17, 2023

Why I Keep Working at Starbucks Despite Its Union-Busting

Common Dreams
Shannon Butler
April 13, 2023

Los Angeles McDonald’s workers celebrate resolution of COVID retaliation case

Anisha Banjeree
April 13, 2023

Why I Keep My Eyes — and My Mind — on the South

NY Times
Tressie McMillan Cottom
April 11, 2023

Dozens of progressive groups back Starbucks union workers

Seattle Times
Renata Geraldo
April 11, 2023

The Great American Labor Trap

New York Times
Adam Westbrook and Emily Holzknecht
April 11, 2023

UC Riverside ends controversial research center relationship with Beacon Economics

Los Angeles Times
Suhauna Hussain
April 6, 2023

Starbucks union is using billboards, a brass band, and a butter sculpture to pressure board members from Nike, Land O’Lakes and Lego

Business Insider
Dominick Reuter
April 5, 2023

Fledgling service workers union leads job action

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Michael E. Kanell
April 5, 2023

‘These corporations don’t care’: Durham fast-food, service employees strike for safer work conditions

CBS 17
Ben Bokum
April 4, 2023

Union alleges neglect in South Carolina safety inspections

James Pollard
April 4, 2023

I am a Starbucks barista who doesn’t qualify for all the wonderful benefits you keep hearing about. We want the ‘different kind of company’ that Howard Schultz promised but failed to deliver

Jasmin Leli
March 30, 2023

Employers spend more than $400 million a year fighting unions

Fast Company
Kristin Toussaint
March 30, 2023

The Starbucks Union Fight Comes to Congress

The New Yorker
E. Tammy Kim
March 29, 2023

Push in states for $20 minimum wage as inflation persists

Maysoon Khan
March 28, 2023

Unions are having a moment. So why isn’t union membership booming?

Andrea Hsu
March 28, 2023

Inside the battle for the first union contract at Starbucks

Washington Post
Lauren Kaori Gurley
March 24, 2023

Amazon Union Prevails in Ruling on Warehouse Access for Organizing

New York Times
Noam Scheiber
March 23, 2023

New Starbucks CEO plans to pull barista shifts in stores every month

CNN Business
Danielle Wiener-Bronner
March 23, 2023

Starbucks Union to Greet New CEO Narasimhan With 100-Cafe Strike

New York Times
Kurtis Lee and Jill Cowan
March 22, 2023

Los Angeles School Workers Are on Strike, and Parents Say They Get It

Leslie Patton
March 22, 2023

Increased minimum wages may benefit small businesses, study co-authored at UC Berkeley finds

SF Chronicle
Joel Umanzor
March 15, 2023

Two worker law fights to watch

POLITICO California Playbook
Jeremy B. White, Lara Korte
March 15, 2023

All Eyes on California as Fast-Food Worker Rights Land on the 2024 Ballot

Civil Eats
Dana Cronin
March 14, 2023

Why fast-food workers, ride-hail drivers, and nail technicians are fighting for this new form of labor organizing

Fast Company
Kristin Toussant
March 13, 2023

Why Unions Matter So Much

The New York Times
David Leonhardt
March 10, 2023

Why Poverty Persists in America

The New York Times
Matthew Desmond
March 9, 2023

Better pay for airport workers would make flying less terrible, advocates say

Emily Peck
March 9, 2023

How touchy-feely Starbucks became the poster child for illegal union-busting

LA Times
Michael Hiltzik
March 8, 2023

Nonbinary workers in California are concentrated in lowest-paying jobs, report shows

SF Chronicle
Bob Egelko
March 6, 2023

Major worker strikes increased nearly 50% last year as union popularity grew

Emily Peck
Feb 22, 2023

Young people are pushing to raise minimum wage

Retail Leader
Connor Perrett
Feb 23, 2023

Fast times at the California Capitol

Lara Korte, Jeremy White, Matthew Brown and Ramon Castanos
Feb 21, 2023

Evers renews call for minimum wage hikes in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Public Radio
Keegan Kyle
Feb 21, 2023

Should fast food companies be liable for violations of franchisees? California bill says yes

Sacramento Bee
Mathew Miranda
Feb 17, 2023

Minimum wages are going up, but typical workers still don’t make enough to get by in any U.S. state

Gili Malinsky
Feb 16, 2023

NYC Starbucks workers, 32BJ union to hit coffee giant for Fair Workweek Law violations

NY Daily News
Janon Fisher
Feb 14, 2023

Union of Southern Service Workers encourages cross-sector organizing

Feb 10, 2023

California’s fast food bill prompts Virginia and New York copycats, raising stakes for everyone

USA Today
Medora Lee
Feb 2, 2023

Across the South, Black workers defy labor history

The Charlotte Post
Herbert White
Feb 2, 2023

Fear And Loathing Among The Union Busters

The Lever
Julia Rock
Jan 31, 2023

Vallejo McDonald’s employees strike over working conditions

Vallejo Times-Herald
Thomas Gase
January 27, 2023

McDonald’s, In-N-Out, and Chipotle are spending millions to block raises for their workers

Nathaniel Meyersohn
Jan 26, 2023

Californians will vote on whether to overturn fast-food law

Associated Press
Online Staff
January 25, 2023

Wage theft often goes unpunished despite state systems meant to combat it
CBS News
Chris Hacker, Ash-Har Quraishi, Amy Coral and Ryan Beard
Jan 24, 2023

How Restaurant Workers Help Pay for Lobbying to Keep Their Wages Low
New York Times
David A. Fahrenthold and Talmon Joseph Smith
Jan 17, 2023

She was making $8.50 an hour. This Kansas City woman fights for a living wage for all
Kansas City Star
Anna Spoerre
Jan 16, 2023

California Fast-Food Law With $22 Pay Faces Critical Hearing
Bloomberg Law
Leslie Patton
January 13, 2023

The South has a new union—and workers have Black women to thank
Tina Vasquez
Jan 12, 2023

Here’s the difference between a ‘minimum wage’ and ‘living wage,’ and why it matters

ABC News
Max Zahn
Jan 10, 2023

Congress must listen to working families and overhaul healthcare, minimum wage and education
The Guardian
Bernie Sanders
Jan 9, 2023

Starbucks Workers Are Unionizing. Their Bosses Are Refusing to Bargain.
The New Republic
Bryce Covert
January 5, 2023

Where minimum wage hikes are taking effect in the new year
ABC News
Max Zahn
January 3, 2023

The Intercept
Ray Suarez, Kayla Murthy, Mona Iskander
December 28, 2022

Many Food Workers Unionized in 2022. Here’s Why
Bon Appétit
Nico Avalle
December 15, 2022

Support for unions is at a 57-year high as organizing sweeps the country
Rose Aguilar and Bee Soll
December 14, 2022

California Workers Are Standing Up to the Fast-Food Industry’s Attacks on Their Rights
The Nation
Michael Tubbs
December 12, 2022

Stolen Time: Portraits of Californians living through wage theft claims
Julie A. Hotz, Felix Uribe, and Pablo Unzueta
December 9, 2022

Reflecting on the Fight for 15, a decade later

New York Daily News
Wilton Major
November 29, 2022

SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry on the Fight for $15’s 10-year anniversary

Dylan Miettinen
November 29, 2022

‘The success is inspirational’: the Fight for $15 movement 10 years on

The Guardian
Steven Greenhouse
November 23, 2022

Service Workers in NC, Other Southern States Launch a Union

Lena Geller
November 18, 2022

California fast-food workers on one-day walkout to protest attempted repeal of new labor law

Sacramento Bee
Maya Miller, Mathew Miranda
November 15, 2022

Low-income voters may have bolstered Democrats’ surprising 2022 performance

The Hill
Tobias Burns
November 14, 2022

With inflation top of mind, voters raise minimum wages in two states

The Washington Post
Lauren Kaori Gurley
November 9, 2022

2024 election fights begin to brew

Emily Hoeven
October 28, 2022

Fast Food Giants Trying To Overturn New Pro-Worker Law In California

More Perfect Union
Libby Rainey
October 27, 2022

SEIU: On first day of in-person early voting, Wisconsin workers demand unions for all, march to ballot box to elect worker champions

October 25, 2022

Low-wage fast-food workers, sexual harassment and the #MeToo era: One woman’s story

Here and Now
October 20, 2022

Wright: Elect leaders who respect our rights | Labor Voices

Detroit News
Darnictia Wright
October 18, 2022

Chipotle CEO says California minimum wage fight ‘a real shame’

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance Live
October 18, 2022

Agency battling wage theft in California is too short-staffed to do its job

Alejandro Lazo, Jeanne Kuang, Julie Watts
October 17, 2022

The coming fight over the gig economy, explained

Rachel Cohen
October 14, 2022

4 Minimum Wage Measures
Max Kutner
October 13, 2022

Labor Department moves to make it harder to misclassify gig workers
The Washington Post
Rachel Lerman
October 11, 2022

Unemployment rate falls back to pre-pandemic levels even as job growth slows

The Washington Post
Lauren Kaori Gurley
October 7, 2022

Labor Scholar Dorian Warren on Why Unions Are Back and How They Can Save Democracy

The New Republic
Michael Tomasky
October 6, 2022

The women behind #MeToo, 5 years later: Tarana Burke, Ellen Pao, and Gretchen Carlson on what has and hasn’t changed
Maria Aspan & Erika Fry & Emma Hinchliffe & Beth Kowitt
October 5, 2022

California’s Tough New Fast Food Wage Law Is Exactly What Business Deserves
The New Republic
Timothy Noah
October 3, 2022

McDonald’s rejects franchise owners’ request to delay big changes, letter says
Kate Rogers
September 28, 2022

Fast Food Industry Fighting to Stall — and Kill — New California Labor Reforms

Capital and Main
Bobbi Murray
September 27, 2022

Byron Allen Wins Big In Historic Billion-Dollar Federal Lawsuit Against McDonald’s
Jasmine Browley
September 26, 2022

Workers are changing jobs and getting raises, and still struggling financially
NPR: All Things Considered
Stacey Vanek Smith
September 22, 2022

McDonald’s ordered to face Byron Allen’s $10 bln discrimination lawsuit
Jonathan Stempel
September 20, 2022

Why California is right to regulate fast food
The Washington Post
Maureen Conway & Shelly Steward
September 18, 2022

California’s fast food sectoral bargaining law could revolutionize the labor movement
People’s World
Jackson Todd
September 13, 2022

Latinas at the front of the fight for fast food workers
Al Dia
Eliot Olaya
September 11, 2022

A $15 minimum wage would take 7.6 million people out of poverty, according to a new study
Business Insider
Juliana Kaplan & Madison Hoff
September 08, 2022

Newsom signs law with sweeping protections for California fast-food workers
Washington Post
Bryan Pietsch
September 6, 2022

California governor signs landmark law for fast food workers
Associated Press
Don Thomspon
September 5, 2022

Workers at a Kansas City Taco Bell strike over pay and conditions. Walkout closes store
The Kansas City Star
Katie Moore
September 2, 2022

Labor Unions See Their Highest Approval Rating In Nearly Six Decades
Huffington Post
Dave Jamieson
August 30, 2022

California Senate Passes Bill to Regulate Fast-Food Industry
New York Times
Noam Scheiber
August 29,2022

Retailers take union-busting to new heights
Insider Intelligence
Rachel Wolff
August 26, 2022

VOICES: Southern workers are teaching each other how to organize
Facing South
Taiwanna Milligan
August 25, 2022

Starbucks illegally withheld raises from union workers, labor board says
Washington Post
Lauren Kaori Gurley
August 24, 2022

Worker movement grips California
Politico: California Playbook
Alexander Nieves
August 22, 2022

Chipotle Shut Down Its Only Unionized Store. Organizers Say It’s Retaliation.
In These Times
Maximillian Alvarez
August 12, 2022

Starbucks worker of 13 years says he was fired for being a union leader
Joseph Lamour
August 11, 2022

Fast food workers could get collective bargaining, better workplace standards under new legislation
Nicole Nixon
August 9, 2022

Should California set wages in fast-food restaurants? State bill would make it happen
Sacramento Bee
Mathew Miranda
August 5, 2022

Fast Food Workers to Rally for More Protections at State Capitol
NBC Bay Area
Bay City News
July 31, 2022

Op-Ed: Gov. Newsom, State Legislators Must Act to Protect, Empower Fast Food Workers
LA Watts Times
April Verrett
July 28, 2022

Fast food worker caravan coming to Orange County, pushing for AB 257
OC Register
Kevin Smith
July 26, 2022

When employers steal wages from workers
Alejandro Lazo, Jeanne Kuang, Lil Kalish, Agnes Lee and Erica Yee
July 25, 2022

Federal Disability Employment Program Bans Subminimum Wage
Disability Scoop
July 24, 2022

After 13 Years of the Federal Minimum Wage Nebraskans Are Aiming to Hike Their Own
Nebraska Public Media
Will Bauer
July 22, 2022

Starbucks Workers Are Striking Nationwide
Edward Ongweso Jr
July 20. 2022

The Value of the Federal Minimum Wage Is at a 66-Year Low
Sharon Zhang
July 19, 2022

Workers are picking up extra jobs just to pay for gas and food
Washington Post
Lauren Kaori Gurley
July 17, 2022

High inflation leads federal minimum wage to reach lowest value since 1956, report finds
Lorie Konish
July 15, 2022

Dollar Store Workers Organizing for Justice
The American Prospect
Bryce Covert
July 13, 2022

Nearly Half of States Raised Their Minimum Wage This Year
Route Fifty
Molly Bolan
July 12, 2022

‘They don’t care about us’: US Starbucks workers allege they were fired for union activity
The Guardian
Michael Sainato
July 9, 2022

U.S. Rep. Khanna hosts roundtable with fast food workers in support of state legislation
Bay City News
July 8, 2022

It’s Long Past Time To Increase the Federal Minimum Wage
Center for American Progress
Ashfaq Khan and Rose Khattar
July 7, 2022

Why Are Chain Food Operations Unionizing?
The Manual
Mark Stock
July 6, 2022

‘How are we supposed to live?’: fast-food workers squeezed by inflation
The Guardian
Michael Sainato
July 3, 2022

The California Law That Could Change Quick-Service Restaurants Forever
Elaina Friendman
July 1, 2022

Bill Giving Fast-Food Workers a Vote on Wages Advances in California
Restaurant Business Online
Peter Romeo
June 30, 2022

Starbucks Workers Have Unionized in 171 Stores Nationwide
Opheli Garcia Lawler
June 27, 2022

Workers seek union at a Chipotle restaurant, a first for the chain
Hilary Russ
June 23, 2022

Hawaii Governor Signs $18 Minimum Wage Law, First of Its Kind
Bloomberg Law
Chris Marr
June 22, 2022

Reports: First Apple Store Successfully Unionizes; Starbucks Allegedly Closes Unionized Store in Retaliation
Retail Touch Points
Bryan Wassel
June 21, 2022

Apple Workers at Maryland Store Vote to Unionize, a First in the U.S.
New York Times
Tripp Mickle and Noam Scheiber
June 18, 2022

Workers Rage Against the ‘Modern Food Machine’
Voice of San Diego
Jesse Marx
June 16, 2022

California labor, business groups battle it out as Senate committee hears fast food bill
Sacramento Bee
Andrew Sheeler
June 15, 2022

Starbucks Threatens Trans Benefits in Anti-Union Push, Staff Say
Josh Eidelson
June 14, 2022

64% of service sector workers report having unpredictable schedules—and it impacts more than pay
Gili Malinsky
June 13, 2022

Fast-food workers plan to strike across California today for better working conditions
Los Angeles Times
Hyeyoon Alyssa Choi
June 9, 2022

Gas prices threaten minimum wage worker’s budgets
News Channel 3 (Kalamazoo)
Allie Jennerjahn
June 7, 2022

Advocates for $15-an-hour federal minimum wage press Biden for a meeting
3News Now
Ariana Figueroa
June 6, 2022

California may give fast food workers power to bargain with their industry
Alejandro Lazo, Jeanne Kuang
June 2, 2022

California fast-food workers plan statewide walkout, demand better workplace standards
Sacramento Bee
Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks
June 1, 2022

It’s Summertime and the Fast Food Jobs are Easy — and, Occasionally, Dangerous
Capital and Main
Minerva Canto
May 27, 2022

McDonald’s workers in LA walk out against abuse: “Today it was me, tomorrow who follows?”
Liberation News
Emi Lockwood
May 19, 2022

85% of California fast-food workers have experienced wage theft, study finds
Sacramento Bee
Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks
May 18, 2022

McDonald’s staff go on strike after bad odors and water leaks in LA restaurant made workers sick, report says
Business Insider
Kate Duffy
May 17, 2022

‘I cannot survive on $260 a week’: US retail and fast-food workers strike
The Guardian
Michael Sainato
May 16, 2022

Labor official pledges crack down on wage theft in the restaurant industry
Nation’s Restaurant News
Lisa Jennings
May 12, 2022

Labor Board Sues Starbucks Again Over Fired Pro-Union Staff (2)
Bloomberg Law
Josh Eidelson
May 11, 2022

Most Fast-Food Workers Are Victims of Wage Theft, Survey Finds
Farida Jhabvala Romero
May 10, 2022

Amazon Just Fired 2 Union Organizers Who Helped Win Amazon’s First Union
Lauren Kaori Gurley
May 9, 2022

Union leader slams Amazon’s labor practices at Senate hearing
Annie Palmer
May 5, 2022

Hawaii Legislature passes bill raising minimum wage to $18
AP News
Audrey MaCavoy
May 4, 2022

New York and California Experiment with Giving Workers a Say in Industry Standards
In These Times
Amy Qin
May 1, 2022

For many American families a living wage is out of reach: Report
The City
Claudia Irizarry Aponte
April 28, 2022

Queens Chipotle Worker Claims She Was Fired for Leading Union Effort
ABC News
Sasha Pezenik
April 27, 2022

Restaurant Workers Struggle to Recover Wages Stolen During the Pandemic
Dhivya Sridar
April 25, 2022

After Working In Fast Food For 16 Years, She Went On Strike For The First Time
BuzzFeed News
Albert Samaha
April 21, 2022

Most workers at large retail and food firms get less than $15 an hour – study
The Guardian
Michael Sainato
April 19, 2022

CEOs made a median $20 million last year—254 times more than the average worker
Jennifer Liu
April 18, 2022

Even in a Hot Economy, Wages Aren’t Keeping Up With Inflation
Wall Street Journal
Jason Furman
April 12, 2022

Starbucks workers vote to unionize 3 more stores, pushing total to 13
Washington Post
Aaron Gregg
April 8, 2022

Is A $15 Minimum Wage Enough?
Max Kutner
April 7, 2022

Minimum Wage Increase for Tipped DC Workers to Go to a Vote in November
NBC Washington
Mark Segraves
April 6, 2022

Former McDonald’s Workers Settle for $1.5M In Sexual Harassment Suit
Aila Slisco
April 5, 2022

The number of 911 calls from one S.F. McDonald’s underscores a crisis in the fast-food world
San Francisco Chronicle
Shwanika Narayan, Yoohyun Jung
April 4, 2022

St. Pete raises minimum wage for city worker to $15, regardless of length of employment
Fox 13 (Tampa Bay)
Justin Matthews
April 1, 2022

Hartsfield-Jackson cleaners get raise after 13-year push
Kelly Yamanouchi
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
March 30, 2022

More workers quit in February as job openings stayed high.
New York Times
Talmon Joseph Smith
March 29, 2022

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski Got A Big Raise Last Year
Restaurant Business Online
Johnathan Maze
March 28, 2022

Opinion: Workers get left behind as fast food companies look to protect the bottom line
Daily Bruin (UCLA)
Laura Gulbinas
March 27, 2022

Minimum wage would be $61.75 if it grew like Wall Street bonuses: report
New York Post
Alex Mitchell
March 24, 2022

Big Mac attack: McDonald’s accused of underpaying staff and anti-unionism
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Angus Thompson
March 23, 2022

In almost every state, over half of all women of color earn less than a living wage
The 19th
Chabeli Carranza
March 22, 2022

Starbucks Workers Are Facing Down One of the Most Intense Union-Busting Campaigns in Decades
In These Times
Hannah Faris
March 21, 2022

California City to Raise Minimum Wage to $16.11 Starting July 1
Emmanuel Elone
March 18, 2022

What a Surge in Union Organizing Means for Food and Farm Workers
Civil Eats
Lisa Held
March 17, 2022

Amazon Warehouse Workers Stage Coordinated Strikes Demanding $3 Raises
Lauren Kaori Gurley
March 16, 2022

If you’re not making $14.50 an hour, you probably can’t afford to live in any US county
Business Insider
Jason Lalljee
March 14, 2022

Low pay and lack of opportunity drove ‘Great Resignation,’ poll says
The Hill
Shirin Alli
March 11, 2022

L.A County Will Raise Minimum Wage in Unincorporated Areas on July 1
Los Angeles Magazine
Julius Miller
March 9, 2022

The Bill That Could Change Everything For California Fast Food Employees
James Lewis
March 8, 2022

Punching In: No Retreat, No Surrender in $15 Per Hour Wage War
Rebecca Rainey, Ian Kullgren
March 7, 2022

More Starbucks stores want to unionize. These women and nonbinary workers are leading the push.
Washington Post
Abigail Higgins
March 4, 2022

Workers are pointing to high inflation as they demand larger raises
Washington Post
Eli Rosenberg
March 3, 2022

‘We’ll be heard’: California could grant fast food workers unprecedented power
The Guardian
Michael Sainato
March 1, 2022

California just reached a $15 an hour minimum wage. Are voters ready for $18?
Sacramento Bee
Andrew Sheeler
February 25, 2022

“Year of the Worker”: 2021 Saw Over 3 Million Strike Days With 140K Participants
Sharon Zhang
February 22, 2022

McDonald’s Hasn’t Taken Promised Action on Sexual Harassment
The Nation
Bryce Covert
February 18, 2022

Young workers give unions new hope
Associated Press
Dee-Ann Durbin
February 13, 2022

Every Bite of Your Chicken Sandwich Comes With Labor Problems
Mother Jones
Tom Philpott
February 11, 2022

Signature Gathering Begins for $18 Minimum Wage Fight in California
Common Dreams
Jake Johnson
February 10, 2022

Chipotle’s CEO says the chain isn’t having a problem hiring after it raised prices to pay workers more
Business Insider
Mary Meisenzahl
February 9, 2022

California votes to require paid sick leave for virus cases
Associated Press
Adam Beam
February 8, 2022

President Biden adopts steps for promoting union membership.
New York Times
Noam Scheiber
February 7, 2022

In This Latest Covid Surge, Americans Are Struggling to Make Ends Meet Without Sick Leave
The Nation
Bryce Covert
February 3, 2022

California assembly passes “first of its kind” regulation bill, giving fast food workers the ability to negotiate for better pay and working conditions
The Counter
Matthew Sedacca
February 2, 2022

Food delivery workers, rideshare drivers demand more rights
Associated Press
Bobby Caina Calvan
February 1, 2022

California Assembly Approves Bill Giving 500,000 Fast Food Workers More Power
CBS 5 (San Francisco), originally reported by AP
CBS 5 Staff
January 31, 2022

In stores and restaurants, the staff serving the public may be ill with COVID-19 because their bosses want them to keep working, say employees
Business Insider
Bethany Dawson
January 30, 2022

Fast Food Workers Are Getting Shot on the Job
Lexi McMenamin
January 28, 2022

‘Just wear a mask and don’t tell anyone’: Workplaces are filling up with sick employees
Los Angeles Times
Suhauna Hussain
January 26, 2022

McDonald’s Workers Are Setting Up Their Own Sexual Harassment Training
Carter Sherman
January 25, 2022

The Fight for $15 Is Moving Beyond the Minimum Wage With a Bold New Idea
The New Republic
Alex Park
January 24, 2022

Exclusive: Biden administration raises minimum wage for federal employees to $15
Oriana Gonzalez
January 21, 2022

Latest data release on unionization is a wake-up call to lawmakers
Economic Policy Institute
Heidi Sheirholz, et. al
January 20, 2022

The Tragic Reason A Wendy’s Worker Was Shot By A Drive-Thru Customer
Felix Behr
January 18, 2022

$15 minimum wage opposition ‘doesn’t make any sense to me,’ Labor Secretary Walsh says
Yahoo Finance
Adriana Belmonte
January 16, 2022

Some fast-food workers are begging customers to wear masks when going through the drive thru. An expert says it’s a valid concern.
Business Insider
Mary Meisenzahl
January 14, 2022

Milwaukee rally demands safer working conditions for fast-food workers after shooting death of 16-year-old cashier
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Elliot Hughes
January 12, 2022

In many states, workers still earn only $7.25 an hour. If we want to fix the ‘labor shortage,’ it should start with raising wages.
Business Insider
Paul Constant
January 8, 2022

Starbucks union workers near Buffalo walk out over Covid concerns
New Republic
Karly Quadros
January 6, 2022

Mental Health Crisis Hotline Workers Are Unionizing for the First Time
New York Times
Emma Goldberg
January 5, 2022

Nearly a quarter of Los Angeles fast-food workers have gotten COVID-19, and nearly two-thirds said they were victims of wage theft during the pandemic, new survey finds
Business Insider
Charles Davis
January 4, 2022

Why Brown, head of 32BJ SEIU, says $18/hour should be new minimum wage
Tom Bergeron
January 3, 2022


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