International Solidarity: McDonald’s Workers in the UK Deserve 100% Pay

War on Want

Workers in the UK are demanding FULL pay as more and more restaurants shut down due to coronavirus.

The U.K. government will provide workers with 80% of their regular wage. But for those already making poverty wages, a 20% pay cut would be devastating, and McDonald’s has refused to make up the difference.

We’ve seen this time and time again with McDonald’s. Despite MILLIONS in profits for their shareholders, they won’t step up to make sure workers can make ends meet — even in the face of a global pandemic.

In the midst of this lockdown, our bills still need to be paid. Rent is still due. And yet, McDonald’s continues to show us disrespect during this crisis, whether it’s not providing proper safety equipment in the U.S., or full pay in the U.K.

McDonald’s couldn’t run their restaurants without us. That’s why U.K. workers have decided to fight back, protesting to demand they be treated fairly. McDonald’s and other fast-food companies owe it to the people who are really responsible for those profits.

Stand in solidarity with fast-food workers across the globe. Join us today, and demand #100Percent pay for people affected by the coronavirus lockdown!