Iowa is ON STRIKE for $15 ahead of the Republican debate

Early Thursday morning, approximately 1,000 underpaid workers gathered at a Des Moines McDonald’s to begin a day of strikes and rallies.  Tonight, a group including fast food, child care, and homecare workers will march to the Iowa Events Center, in advance of the Republican debate.

Among the workers marching and rallying was Angelica Serrano, who has has been an employee at a Des Moines McDonald’s for 17 years and makes just $9.90 an hour. “It’s an injustice what they’re doing to fast-food workers and McDonald’s workers,” she said.

“The Fight for $15 has also helped me realize that I’m not alone: almost half of all Iowa workers make less than $15 an hour…For the first time, I’m going to the polls to support candidates who stand with workers fighting for $15 an hour and union rights. And I’m bringing my co-workers, friends, and family, too.”

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