LIVE VIDEO: Thousands converge on Richmond to #FightFor15

Here we are — the first-ever Fight for $15 Convention. Thousands of workers coming together because we’re sick of working long hours and still not making enough to get by.

Watch the Facebook Live video of our convention right now — we’re standing up and speaking out because we’re done with racism, done with immigrants getting bullied and demeaned.

It’s time for an economy that works for us ALL. It’s time for $15 and union rights. We are thousands strong, and we are tired of struggling to get by no matter how hard we work. We deserve better.

As Dr. Rev. Barber II said, “If the racial, social and economic inequalities that plague our nation are all linked, so too are the fights to address them. The battle for civil rights and the battle for living wages are interconnected. These battles are moral battles.”

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