How long does it take to afford Thanksgiving on minimum wage?

It Takes how Long?

Millions of Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving this week, but for many the costs of the holiday feasting and travel is a difficult burden to bear. According to a recent poll taken by lendedu, the average cost of Thanksgiving for the American consumer in 2017 will be $165.14.

The U.S. federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 an hour since 2009. For someone earning the minimum, how long would it take to afford an average Thanksgiving?


It takes a minimum wage worker about 23 hours of work to afford the cost of an average Thanksgiving holiday.

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Nearly 23 hours! That’s a lot of work, and that’s assuming that low-wage workers even get Thanksgiving or the day after off from work in the first place, which millions do not. Meanwhile, corporate CEOs averaging $13.1 million a year are able to pay for the Thanksgiving holiday in less than two minutes.

Workers shouldn’t have to struggle to celebrate the holidays, just like we shouldn’t have to struggle to make ends meet the rest of the year. That’s why we’re organizing.

We have won $15 for millions, and just last week Montgomery County, Maryland, signed a $15 minimum wage into law.

A better world is possible and we will win better pay and respect on the job by sticking together in the Fight for $15 and union rights!