McDonalds’ 4 easy steps to STEAL from employees

Did you know that McDonald’s actually STEALS from employees?

That’s on top of paying us way too little to cover our bills or feed our families.

It’s one of many, MANY reasons we’re taking the #FightFor15 straight to McDonalds’ doorstep with the March on McDonald’s on May 23.

You’ve gotta see it for yourself – here how McDonald’s business model actually works, in 4 easy steps:


McDonald’s uses every trick in the book to STEAL money straight from workers’ pockets:


When workers can’t afford food or housing or health care, McDonald’s leaves taxpayers to pay the $1.2 billion cost:


Cultivate a happy work environment with complete nonsense advice – like if you break your food up into tiny pieces, you’ll feel less hungry!



McDonald’s makes over $6 billion a year in revenue. Last month, their CEO got a HUGE raise, doubling his salary to over $15 million. All this while 64 million American workers still make less than $15 an hour.

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When we fight, we win. We’ve won $15 an hour from New York to California to Seattle.

As you read this, legislators in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, and even the U.S. Congress are considering $15 an hour bills.

McDonald’s needs to hear it loud and clear: It’s time for $15.

Let’s do this.

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