McDonald’s Worker Featured in New Book “She Said” on the #MeToo Movement

New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey released a new book about their investigation into Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment in other workplaces.

But Hollywood stars weren’t the only people whose experiences are featured in She Said; Kantor and Twohey also wrote about Kim Lawson, a McDonald’s worker in the Fight for $15 and a Union movement who filed a sexual harassment complaint against the company.

Kim and other workers continue to bravely share their stories and demand a seat at the table with McDonald’s to help end sexual harassment for good.

As the book recounts, Kim faced ongoing verbal harassment and lewd comments from coworkers and supervisors and did not know what to do. Kantor and Twohey write:

“As far as she could tell, McDonald’s had no sexual harassment training. (It did, but company officials later acknowledged that it didn’t reach many employees.) She didn’t know how to reach anyone at the parent company for help, and had feared that doing so would trigger retaliation.”

Kim’s story is not unique.

McDonald’s workers across the country are fighting back against sexual harassment – and workers with the Fight for $15, in coordination with the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund and the ACLU, filed 23 new cases against the company in May.

It’s time for economic and social justice in every workplace — and that means a safe and dignified workplace for every employee in the country.

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