McDonald’s Workers Go On Strike in Detroit Demanding Protections for All

Today in Detroit, fast-food workers walked off the job to demand corporations #ProtectAllWorkers.

Months into the COVID-19 crisis, companies like McDonald’s STILL refuse to provide basic protections such as paid sick leave, hazard pay, and personal protective equipment. McDonald’s is putting frontline workers who keep their businesses running in danger—as well as the general public—in the name of profit.

“We’re walking off the job because they’re not giving us the proper pay,” Albert Houser, a McDonald’s worker said. “We all have families. They’re cutting hours and not giving us PPE. We have one facemask, and they’re telling us we have to scrub it off with sanitizer and use it again.”

We won’t stop fighting for the safety of our communities. And we won’t let Congress rest until they act to protect ALL workers and our families.

Sign the petition to stand with us and demand McDonald’s stop and prevent sexual harassment.