Hey McDonald’s: Workers lives are worth MORE than your profits.

A brass band and group of workers marching with Fight for $15 signs.

CEO Chris Kempczinski pulled in a cool $10.8 million last year — more than 1,189 times the average McDonald’s worker.

If McDonald’s can afford to pay its CEO 1,189 times what it pays its average workers, they can afford to pay a living wage. Paying any less than $15 is exploitation. Agree? Sign the petition >>

Last month, the Fight for $15 took on the McDonald’s Board of Directors. During their annual meeting, worker leader Terrence Wise was clear about our demands: $15/hr, respect, and the right to a union.

The truth is, McDonald’s could pay workers $15 tomorrow. Every day they don’t, they keep families struggling.

That’s why thousands of workers walked off the job last month. It’s why workers will continue to speak up, march, and STRIKE until that simple demand is met: $15/hr, respect, and a union.

Workers will WIN $15, union rights, and respect. Sign the petition to help get us there >>

Photograph by Jonathan Aguilar