McDonald’s Workers Protest Broken Promises

McDonald's Pay Us What You Promised

April 3 – McDonald’s workers in a half dozen cities took to the streets today to protest McDonald’s corporation after it was revealed that the company has not kept up it’s promise to pay workers more than $1 over the local minimum wage. From Bloomberg:

A series of recent pay stubs for 16 McDonald’s employees in eight cities … show workers receiving hourly rates that are substantially less than a dollar above the current local minimum.

McDonald’s publicity stunt has turned out to be a sham,” said Kayla Kuper, who is paid $11.40/hour at a McDonald’s corporate store in Chicago, when she should be paid a minimum of $12/hour. “We can’t take this company at its word. That’s why we need union rights – so that we can hold McDonald’s accountable and win the decent wage and basic benefits we need to support our families.”


We’re live at McDonalds because they made a promise to raise wages and they didn’t do it. They lied to us and we’re not loving it

Posted by Fight For 15 Chicago on Tuesday, April 3, 2018


The news that McDonald’s lied about its own pay hikes comes as the company is spending tens of millions of dollars marketing itself as “America’s best first job.”

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