Sexually Harassed Workers Protest Speech by McDonald’s Executive

On Tuesday, fast food workers in the #MeToo movement confronted McDonald’s chief communicator Robert Gibbs during a speech in Washington and demanded meaningful action on the company’s promise to address sexual harassment.

10 brave employees from across the country stood in silence while the former White House press secretary, Gibbs, spoke, calling attention to the workers who face unwanted name-calling, groping, and even violence while on the job.

Workers like Kim Lawson, a single mom from Kansas City who was repeatedly harassed by a boss and coworker, demanded that McDonald’s do what it promised: zero tolerance for instances of harassment, mandatory training for bosses and employees, and bringing workers to the table to eliminate harassment and abuse from the job.

Since McDonald’s won’t meet with us, we brought our demands to them. And millions across the country took notice:

Afterward, we presented our demands to Gibbs, but he refused to accept our demands. He didn’t even commit to meeting with us again.

Fight for 15 workers meeting with Robert Gibbs after the event.


We won’t stop raising our voices and taking action until McDonald’s makes good on their promises. Make sure your friends and family know about this by sharing on Facebook.

Watch the full video from Tuesday’s event: