Michigan Workers Take Over Governor Snyder’s Office

Michigan Workers

Michigan janitors and health care workers, along with fast food workers in the Fight for $15, delivered a “Workers’ State of the State” press conference and rally in Governor Snyder’s office in Detroit on Tuesday, January 23.



Workers are sticking together and fighting back to let their fellow citizens know the true state of Michigan, after eight years of lowered standards, low wages and, in some places, a lack of basic standard of living, including poisoned water. The number one job of our elected leaders should be to raise the standard of living for working people. Fight for $15 workers are fighting to make politicians listen to working people and take action on issues that matter, including leading on raising wages by increasing the state and local minimum wage and ensuring workers have rights to strong unions.

#FightFor15 Workers won’t back down from this fight or any other, and we plan on keeping the pressure on in 2018 and beyond. Get involved in the fight in 2018 by signing up to volunteer 40 hours before the election. Join the 40 for 15 Today!