New Hampshire turns out for first ever fast-food strike

Saturday morning, New Hampshirites who work in fast-food restaurants organized their first major walkout. Among them was 26-year-old New Hampshire native and Fight for $15 member Megan Jensen, who walked off her job at KFC to join the crowd demanding a higher minimum wage.

“I share an apartment with a roommate and my three kids, who are ages 4, 2, and 10 months,” she said. “It’s very hard to get by on $8 an hour. I have to use food stamps and subsidized health insurance to get by. If I got a raise, I’d be able to get my own place. I’d be able to support all three kids by myself without any help from the state or anybody.”

Later in the day, a massive group of workers and supporters arrived at the Republican debate at St. Anselm’s College, telling candidates to “come get our votes.” As ABC news reported, the Fight for $15 “took over” the space and “blindsided” organizers from the campaigns of the Republican candidates.

Megan, who also marched in the night’s rally, explained, “I’ve never voted ever in my life…I never thought it affected me much. When I was getting brought up I was never really told the difference between Republicans and Democrats or any of that stuff. But now that I’ve been learning more, I think that the more people vote, the better the outcome will be.”

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