North Carolina #FightFor15 Workers Rally to Stop Discrimination

Repeal HB2

Last month, in a special one-day session, the Republican government in NC rammed through a bill to block cities from protecting LGBT people from discrimination. And in the 11th hour, they directly attacked the Fight for $15 by tacking on a rule to stop individual cities from raising minimum wages for hardworking North Carolinians.

On Monday, North Carolinians flocked to the capitol to sit-in and stand up for what’s right. Thousands strong – transgender people and fast food workers, women and immigrants, farm workers and civil rights leaders – came together to demand that Governor Pat McCrory overturn this hateful, hateful bill.

The bill blocks cities from protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination – specifically singling out transgender people. It repeals the right of people of color to sue over workplace discrimination. And it directly attacks the Fight for $15 – banning any city from raising wages above the state minimum of just $7.25 an hour.

North Carolina fast-food worker Abdul said “These elected officials think we’re dumb. They think we’re going to fall for their boogeyman attacks on our trans community members. Behind all this talk about bathrooms, it’s really clear what these folks in the general assembly are trying to do: They want to keep us poor. They are scared of worker power. They only care about keeping the rich rich.

We will keep fighting, keep organizing, against discrimination and until every person that works hard makes enough to survive and is protected with union rights.

Sign the petition calling for the repeal of this hateful law RIGHT NOW.