Organizing works – Starbucks’ former CEO will answer to the Senate

Everyone should have their rights and voice respected in the workplace – plain and simple. Companies like Starbucks should not be allowed to deny their employees the right to unionize. Add your name in solidarity with Starbucks workers fighting for a union >>

Starbucks brags about being a ‘leader in the industry’ for their employee benefits. However, many employees have had their hours cut by managers, so they don’t even qualify. Starbucks’ actions have made it clear that they don’t care about their workers.

That’s why we are standing up to them. This fight is not just about the Starbucks baristas – it’s about the labor movement as a whole. When we send a loud and clear message to Starbucks that union busting won’t fly, other corporations will listen too. That’s beneficial to all workers fighting for fair treatment in the workplace.

That’s exactly why we demanded that billionaire and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz be held accountable for Starbucks’ mistreatment of workers. And guess what? Our demands were heard. MASSIVE public pressure forced him to agree to testify to the Senate about Starbucks’ gross union busting. Schultz will now be questioned under oath about his anti-worker, anti-union practices for the whole country to see.

When workers organize, we WIN. This is just one step towards accountability for wealthy corporations and CEOs, and towards Unions for ALL. Add your name in solidarity now >>