1000 strong march on the #GOPDebate in Greenville, SC

A crowd of 1000 workers and supporters marched on the Republican debate Saturday, calling on candidates to support a $15 minimum wage and the right to unionize. Among the crowd was Richard Baxter, a #FightFor15 member and Subway worker who makes $8.50 an hour. He said he plans to vote for the first time this year…. Read more →

New Hampshire turns out for first ever fast-food strike

Saturday morning, New Hampshirites who work in fast-food restaurants organized their first major walkout. Among them was 26-year-old New Hampshire native and Fight for $15 member Megan Jensen, who walked off her job at KFC to join the crowd demanding a higher minimum wage. “I share an apartment with a roommate and my three kids,… Read more →

New poll says two-thirds of New Yorkers support $15 an hour minimum wage

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to gradually increase the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour is supported by two-thirds of New Yorkers, according to a new Siena College poll. New York’s minimum wage for most workers is currently $9 an hour. Fast food workers won $15 last summer after his administration approved gradually hiking the… Read more →

Iowa is ON STRIKE for $15 ahead of the Republican debate

Early Thursday morning, approximately 1,000 underpaid workers gathered at a Des Moines McDonald’s to begin a day of strikes and rallies.  Tonight, a group including fast food, child care, and homecare workers will march to the Iowa Events Center, in advance of the Republican debate. Among the workers marching and rallying was Angelica Serrano, who… Read more →

The biggest argument against $15 just got destroyed…again

According to a new report by Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, increases in regular and tipped minimum wage have not had a negative effect on restaurant industry profits – or on the number of employees restaurants hire. For the study, the researchers looked at wage increases in states between 1995 and 2014 to asses the impact… Read more →

#FightFor15 workers turned out BIG in Charleston, SC

 On Sunday, January 17, workers from fast-food, homecare, child care and other underpaid industries in the Fight for $15 joined up to protest ahead of the evening’s Democratic debate.   “Workers need a raise and we need it now,” Betsy Smalls, a McDonald’s worker from North Charleston told The Guardian. “Whether it’s McDonald’s and other large companies… Read more →

BREAKING: Charleston Workers to Protest Before Democratic Debate

As BuzzFeed reported today, fast-food workers will walk off the job in Charleston, S.C. and nearby cities Sunday, before converging on the Democratic presidential debate that evening with thousands of homecare, child care, and other underpaid workers to challenge candidates to “come get our vote.”  USA Today noted that the strike marks the first of an unprecedented wave of walkouts and… Read more →

BREAKING: Complaint Says McDonald’s Violates EU Anti-Trust Laws

Today, a coalition of Italian consumer groups announced it has lodged a formal antitrust complaint with the European Commission, alleging McDonald’s abuses its dominant fast-food market position in Europe, restricting consumer choice and leading to higher prices and poorer quality of service and food. If found guilty, the company could face severe penalties of up… Read more →