November 10: Fight. Strike. Vote.

On November 10 we took over the streets in 500 cities across the country. Tens of thousands of us – fast-food, airport, child care, home care and so many more underpaid workers brought the #FightFor15 – and we brought it HARD. Check out all the best photos from around the country from yesterday’s strikes and… Read more →

Watch: “My kids are the reason why”

Chrisanna Capshaw is a mom – with a full-time job at Subway in North Carolina. She works hard to support her two kids, but at just $8 an hour, it’s simply not enough to get by. So Chrisanna is fighting back. Watch her powerful testimony for $15 and union rights now:

Pope Francis Speaks Out on Income Inequality

As Pope Francis began his first US visit Wednesday, he was greeted by child care, home care, and fast-food workers who are part of the Fight for $15. Adriana Alvarez, McDonald’s worker and Fight for $15 leader, noted the similarities between the Fight for $15 and the Pope’s teachings: “The Fight for $15 is about… Read more →

Huge Day of Action for $15 in 50 Cities across USA

As we celebrated the big $15/hr win for fast-food workers in New York on September 10, the Fight for $15 swept the nation. Workers in nearly 50 cities around the country organized actions calling on their elected representatives to boost pay in their cities and states. From Miami to Madison, workers came together to demand… Read more →

The biggest Fight for $15 win – EVER

Just moments ago, the Fight For $15 scored our biggest win EVER. New York State officially approved a $15 wage for every fast-food worker across the state. Three years ago, this movement began on the streets of New York – when a scrappy group of fast-food workers went on strike and called for $15 and… Read more →