Workers to flood the streets, Fight for $15 on April 14

Tens of thousands of workers are preparing to make this Thursday, April 14th the biggest Fight for $15 strike day of all time. Actions and strikes will kick off in hundreds cities across the world, as workers unite to claim what they deserve — $15 an hour and union rights. We all know that McJobs… Read more →

MASSIVE: Thousands of Pennsylvania workers win $15

After major Fight For $15 victories in California and New York, we have more great news. Workers at Pennsylvania’s largest private employer (UPMC), along with thousands of nursing home workers at 42 facilities across Pennsylvania won $15 an hour wages. These are historic breakthroughs that will lift thousands of Pennsylvania workers out of poverty. Together,… Read more →

MORE WINS: New York Workers Win $15

Days after 6.5 million Californians and thousands of hospital workers in Pennsylvania won $15/hr, millions of workers in New York—where the Fight for $15 began— joined the $15/hr club Thursday, capping a HISTORIC week in which more than 10 million janitors, fast-food cashiers, and home care workers secured unprecedented raises from coast to coast. “California!… Read more →

April 14: Our Biggest-Ever Global Strikes and Protests

Days after millions of workers in California and thousands in Pennsylvania won historic pay increases to $15/hr and amidst ongoing negotiations for $15/hr for millions more in New York, the unstoppable momentum for $15 and union rights continued to build as underpaid workers across the globe said they would wage the biggest-ever day of strikes… Read more →

HUGE WIN: $15 minimum wage in California

Wow. This is our biggest victory to date — and it’s huge. California is set to become the first state in America with a $15 minimum wage. Now 6.5 million workers are getting raises because of the work that we have ALL been doing. And there’s no way this slows down. Cities and states across… Read more →

The Fight for $15 can’t stop growing

Fast-food protest

What started with fast-food workers sharing their stories and scars from low-wage work, has snowballed into a MASSIVE nationwide movement of tens of millions of people: The fast-food workers took turns detailing the indignities they endured on the job: taking the subway to work only to be sent home before a shift started, making $7.25… Read more →

Florida workers: “$8.50 an hour isn’t enough”

MSNBC features the Fight for 15

Hundreds of child care, fast food, and home care workers were out in force in Florida, calling for better pay NOW. Fast food worker Marianna Raney was featured on MSNBC talking about how hard it can be to get by on minimum wage, and why she and her fellow workers were taking to the streets: “You… Read more →

Over 1,000 to march in Detroit ahead of presidential debates

Fast-food workers are gathering in Detroit Thursday to send a clear message to our next president: It’s time for $15 an hour and union rights. The Detroit Free Press reports: The demonstrations — which workers have been staging in metro Detroit for more than two years — are expected to involve hundreds of employees, including Stitt,… Read more →

Today: Fast-Food Workers STRIKE in Houston!

Today, fast-food workers in Houston went on strike to demand $15 and union rights–and they’re making sure the Republican presidential candidates know why. Janice Talton, a Burger King employee, explained in an op-ed for CNBC her reasons for striking and why she’s joining 1,000 other underpaid workers who will be demonstrating outside the Republican debate tonight: I’m a full-time employee… Read more →

1000 strong march on the #GOPDebate in Greenville, SC

A crowd of 1000 workers and supporters marched on the Republican debate Saturday, calling on candidates to support a $15 minimum wage and the right to unionize. Among the crowd was Richard Baxter, a #FightFor15 member and Subway worker who makes $8.50 an hour. He said he plans to vote for the first time this year…. Read more →