McDonald’s Workers Striking Thursday, May 23

McDonald's workers are going on strike May 23

As reported by the Associated Press, McDonald’s workers in the Fight for $15 and a Union movement are going on strike Thursday, May 23. Presidential candidates Cory Booker, Julián Castro, & Jay Inslee will join #FightFor15 workers the strike lines at events across the country. Bernie Sanders will host a video town hall with McDonald’s… Read more →

$15 Minimum Wage Passes Connecticut House!

BREAKING: The Connecticut House of Representatives just passed a bill to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour! After years of relentless organizing by workers and allies, Connecticut is now one step closer to becoming the seventh state to raise the minimum wage to $15. The passage of this bill would put an… Read more →

This is big: Workers just WON at Google

We’re fired up by the workers over at Google – the so-called “shadow workforce” of temporary and contracted employees just landed a major victory. Google now requires a $15 minimum wage and basic benefits like comprehensive health care coverage and 12 weeks of parental leave for ALL workers. This comes after more than 900 full-time… Read more →

$15 Minimum Wage Passes in Maryland!

BREAKING: Maryland is now officially the 6th state to pass the $15 minimum wage! In a 35-12 vote, the Maryland Senate joined the House in overriding Governor Larry Hogan’s veto to adopt a $15 minimum wage. This bill will affect more than half a million Marylanders, and is a major step towards breaking generational poverty… Read more →

Sexually Harassed Workers Protest Speech by McDonald’s Executive

On Tuesday, fast food workers in the #MeToo movement confronted McDonald’s chief communicator Robert Gibbs during a speech in Washington and demanded meaningful action on the company’s promise to address sexual harassment. 10 brave employees from across the country stood in silence while the former White House press secretary, Gibbs, spoke, calling attention to the… Read more →

BREAKING: Victory in Illinois

We just won $15 in Illinois. It’s the fifth state to win $15 and the first midwestern state ever. They once laughed at us for fighting for $15. Now more than 1 in 5 workers is covered by a $15 minimum wage, and 22 million workers have won $68 billion in raises since our movement… Read more →

VICTORY: New Jersey wins $15

On Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a $15 minimum wage into law statewide. Now over 1,000,000 New Jersey workers will join workers in California, New York, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C. on their way to making enough to feed their families and pay their bills — with workers in other states sure to follow. This… Read more →

McDonald’s workers STRIKE in Florida!

Florida Workers On Stike

Dozens of McDonald’s employees went on strike Tuesday morning to protest unsafe working conditions after a young employee was violently assaulted by a customer. Workers gathered at the St. Petersburg, FL McDonald’s where Yasmine James was attacked on New Years Eve in an altercation which has since gone viral. Their message was loud and clear… Read more →

We keep fighting. We keep winning.

2018 was a HUGE year for the Fight for $15. We marched, we protested, we went on strike, we called our reps – and we never stopped fighting.   Because of that, we’re ending the year with three HUGE victories: In North Carolina, UNC health care announced that all of its employees will make at… Read more →