Settlement in PPE lawsuit is a win for workers

Workers striking outside McDonald's.

Last year, a McDonald’s in Oakland, CA made headlines for forcing workers to work during the pandemic… and telling workers to use coffee filters and dog diapers as masks. This kind of disregard for safety and public health is unacceptable. Ultimately, there was an outbreak at the store, where 11 workers tested positive for COVID-19…. Read more →

Delta is here. Paid sick leave is not.

Pay us $15 now.

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is tearing through communities around the country. A lot of people are acting like COVID is over. It’s not.  If the Delta variant does get workers sick, many of us won’t get to take paid time off. We won’t get the paid sick leave we need to get well…. Read more →

Workers show up for JOBS, CARE, and JUSTICE.

Last week, workers showed up across the country demanding good union home care jobs. Keep the Senate’s phones ringing off the hook. Call 1-855-963-2258 to demand Congress invest in home and community-based care and good union home care jobs for those who provide it!


We need $15 and a Union.

Thanks to relentless organizing by workers and allies, Delaware’s House joined the Senate in passing a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15!