2022 was all about UNIONS

Woman holding a Fight for $15 sign. Next to her it says: "We have power together"

2022, we organized. We went on strike, and we took the fight to huge corporations. And because we fought together, we won big: More than 250 Starbucks stores voted to unionize in the biggest union wave in recent history. Workers around the country took the fight to the ballot box, winning $15 in Nebraska and… Read more →

10 years strong and $150B in raises for workers

workers holding signs that say united, justice, and end poverty

Our fight started ten years ago with a demand for a decent wage, but from the beginning, it was about more than just the size of our paychecks. It’s about living full lives with our families free from impossible choices like paying for rent or food. It’s about hardworking people with full-time incomes not living… Read more →

We won a seat at the table! AB257 is now law in California.

We made history! AB257 is now the law of the land in California. After hundreds of strikes and marches across the state, we’re now one step closer to having a voice on the job, better pay, and workplace protections. For too long, corporations and CEOs have had all the power. They chose what they’d pay… Read more →

Statements in Response to the Proposed Referendum to Overturn AB257

Workers protesting for the passage of AB257 on the Sacramento Capitol steps

See below for statements in response to the proposed referendum to overturn AB 257, a California law to protect and empower the state’s more than half a million fast-food workers.  Sandro Flores, Los Angeles Carl’s Jr. worker and leader in the Fight for $15 and a Union “We took on the most powerful corporations in… Read more →

Fast-food workers slept over at the CA Capitol to demand AB257.

On August 16, fast-food workers slept outside the California State Capitol to demand AB257. We’re demanding this bill because it builds worker power. AB257 will give fast-food workers a seat at the table to fight for fair pay and safe workplaces. We’ll be able to hold these corporations accountable for their failures, like dangerous working… Read more →

Environmental Hazards in the Fast-Food Industry

A new study by researchers Maria Rivera and Perla Valencia details a wide variety of environmental hazards on the job facing California fast-food workers – including overflowing sewage, dangerous smoke inhalation, and extreme heat – that threaten their health and wellbeing. The study paints a bleak portrait of the state’s fast-food industry, uncovering stories of… Read more →

Skimmed & Scammed: Wage Theft From California’s Fast Food Workers

California’s fast-food industry is one of the largest, fastest growing private sector employers in the state. The global fast-food corporations that operate in California make billions of dollars in profits, yet fast-food workers rank among California’s lowest paid large occupational groups.]Over the course of the pandemic, fast-food workers emerged as an essential workforce, helping to… Read more →