BREAKING: Charleston Workers to Protest Before Democratic Debate

As BuzzFeed reported today, fast-food workers will walk off the job in Charleston, S.C. and nearby cities Sunday, before converging on the Democratic presidential debate that evening with thousands of homecare, child care, and other underpaid workers to challenge candidates to “come get our vote.”  USA Today noted that the strike marks the first of an unprecedented wave of walkouts and… Read more →

BREAKING: Complaint Says McDonald’s Violates EU Anti-Trust Laws

Today, a coalition of Italian consumer groups announced it has lodged a formal antitrust complaint with the European Commission, alleging McDonald’s abuses its dominant fast-food market position in Europe, restricting consumer choice and leading to higher prices and poorer quality of service and food. If found guilty, the company could face severe penalties of up… Read more →

We are WINNING: 14 states boost minimum wage at the start of 2016

Today, Jan 1, 2016, 14 states JUST raised their minimum wages, according to an analysis of state laws by Yannet Lathrop of the National Employment Law Project. The District of Columbia and three other states — Maryland, Minnesota and Nevada — will also be raising wages later in 2016. This is HUGE! But we can’t stop fighting… Read more →

2015: The Year A $15 Minimum Wage Swept The Nation

There were some HUGE wins for the #Fightfor15 in 2015: Over 500 cities on STRIKE. Over 1 million standing with us. We won $15 in New York. We won $15 in Seattle. We won $15 in Los Angeles. We’re making huge progress – but for over 64 million people STILL working at jobs paying poverty-level wages, this fight couldn’t be more important…. Read more →

Fight for $15 “Took Over the Democratic Party”

Under the headline “How a $15 Minimum Wage Took Over the Democratic Party,” Bryce Covert wrote at ThinkProgress on how the Fight for $15 has transformed the politics around wages in the U.S., moving the country from a point in 2012 where raising the minimum wage was nowhere on the agenda, to a debate in 2016 over nearly… Read more →

The Nation: Child care costs can drive teachers and families into poverty

This week, The Nation investigated child care costs, reporting: “The cost of daycare can drive a family into poverty before a child reaches kindergarten, but it’s also likely to impoverish her teacher first. While preschool programs are expanding nationwide…they cost parents everything while paying teachers nothing simultaneously. And childcare providers are so underfunded overall that the system… Read more →