Breaking: National Labor Relations Board Makes Landmark Ruling

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that companies employing workers through staffing agencies, subcontractors, or franchisees can be held responsible for the conditions those workers face on the job, the New York Times reported Thursday. Kendall Fells, organizing director of the Fight for $15, reacted to the ruling: “McDonald’s is the boss – that’s true by any standard…. Read more →

US Labor Secretary Tom Perez Stands With The Fight For $15

Labor Secretary Tom Perez traveled to Detroit on Tuesday to show his solidarity with the Fight for $15. “I’m proud to stand with the Fight for $15 movement,” Perez said. “And it really is a movement. It’s for shared prosperity.” Perez met with Detroit workers from various fast-food chains as well as officials from the… Read more →

We NEED $15 too: Underpaid workers rally nationwide for $15!

In dozens of cities across the country, fast-food, home care, child care and other underpaid workers sharpened their calls for $15 and demanded that their elected leaders follow New York’s lead and find a path to $15 an hour and union rights. We won’t stop fighting until we WIN $15/hour for all underpaid workers across the country.