Sign the pledge to VOTE $15 in 2016

Right now, over 64 million people work at jobs paying poverty-level wages. That drags down wages for everyone who works while making a handful of CEOs very rich. We need elected officials who will listen to everyday working moms and dads, not just CEOs and billionaires. In the 2016 elections, we can make that happen by… Read more →

From coast to coast, the #Fightfor15 is WINNING!

Underpaid workers on both coasts won major pay raises to $15/hour this month: Milwaukie, OR – The City Council in Milwaukie, Ore., unanimously approved a pay raise for all city workers to $15/hour. Mountain View and Berkeley, CA – Workers won $15/hour, following San Francisco, Sunnyvale, and Palo Alto. Pittsburgh, PA – Mayor Bill Peduto issued an executive order that will… Read more →

Watch: Why Derrell Fights for $15

The Fight for $15 honors all veterans – including Derrell Odom, who received a Purple Heart serving our country in Iraq. Now, he struggles to provide for his son working for KFC. That’s why on November 10, he went ON STRIKE to #FightFor15.

Fight for $15 “forced the wage issue onto the agenda”

Across the country, the new political push by the Fight for $15 is dominating headlines. Arguing that $15 and union rights have become winning political issues, The New York Times wrote, “It is also increasingly clear that Republicans reject those demands at their own electoral peril.” The Nation reported that, “The strikers forced the wage issue onto the… Read more →

November 10: Fight. Strike. Vote.

On November 10 we took over the streets in 500 cities across the country. Tens of thousands of us – fast-food, airport, child care, home care and so many more underpaid workers brought the #FightFor15 – and we brought it HARD. Check out all the best photos from around the country from yesterday’s strikes and… Read more →

Watch: “My kids are the reason why”

Chrisanna Capshaw is a mom – with a full-time job at Subway in North Carolina. She works hard to support her two kids, but at just $8 an hour, it’s simply not enough to get by. So Chrisanna is fighting back. Watch her powerful testimony for $15 and union rights now:

Pope Francis Speaks Out on Income Inequality

As Pope Francis began his first US visit Wednesday, he was greeted by child care, home care, and fast-food workers who are part of the Fight for $15. Adriana Alvarez, McDonald’s worker and Fight for $15 leader, noted the similarities between the Fight for $15 and the Pope’s teachings: “The Fight for $15 is about… Read more →