Just moments ago, workers in the Fight for $15 went ON STRIKE in Memphis. We NEED $15 an hour, union rights, and respect on the job regardless of race – and we need it now. We’re striking and marching today inspired by the black sanitation workers who went on strike with Martin Luther King Jr…. Read more →

Thousands of workers to carry on fight for higher pay, union rights

MEMPHIS—Thousands of fast-food cooks and cashiers announced Thursday they will walk off their jobs and protest nationwide Feb. 12 – the 50th anniversary of the historic Memphis sanitation strike – carrying on the fight for higher wages and union rights led by hundreds of black municipal workers whose 1968 walkout became a rallying cry of the Poor People’s Campaign… Read more →

Illinois Workers Crash Gov. Rauner’s State of the State Address

Workers at Illinois State Capitol

Fast food workers, union members and community activists joined forces at the State Capitol on January 31 to hold anti-worker Governor Bruce Rauner accountable for vetoing a $15 minimum wage and for his attacks on workers’ unions. Just steps away from the chambers where the governor held his 4th address, Fight for $15 workers held… Read more →

Wisconsin Workers Hold Their Own State of the State Address

Wisconsin Fight for $15 workers at the state Capitol

Fed up with Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on working people and their unions, local fast-food and hospital workers in the Fight for $15 will took to the Wisconsin statehouse Wednesday, Jan. 25, to protest the governor’s State of the State address, stressing their commitment to defeating Walker and electing a pro-worker governor in the November… Read more →

Michigan Workers Take Over Governor Snyder’s Office

Michigan Workers

Michigan janitors and health care workers, along with fast food workers in the Fight for $15, delivered a “Workers’ State of the State” press conference and rally in Governor Snyder’s office in Detroit on Tuesday, January 23.     Workers are sticking together and fighting back to let their fellow citizens know the true state… Read more →

Dear 2018: We’re ready

What a year. We’ve faced direct and relentless attacks against working people all year long. And we’ve fought back just as hard. As we gear up for next year, here are 9 moments that truly mattered for our #FightFor15 in 2017: In February, When Donald Trump nominated one of the WORST fast-food CEOs to lead… Read more →

How long does it take to afford Thanksgiving on minimum wage?

It Takes how Long?

Millions of Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving this week, but for many the costs of the holiday feasting and travel is a difficult burden to bear. According to a recent poll taken by lendedu, the average cost of Thanksgiving for the American consumer in 2017 will be $165.14. The U.S. federal minimum wage has been stuck… Read more →