We organized. We voted. We won. We’re not done yet.

WE DID IT. Last night, our movement – you, me, and the Fight for $15 – won major victories all across the country. In cities like Milwaukee, WI and Detroit, MI, we proved the Fight for $15 and A Union is stronger than ever – and we’re just getting started. Make sure everyone knows workers… Read more →

RIGHT NOW: Strike in Milwaukee

Yesterday, fast-food workers in Detroit walked off the job. Today, fast-food workers are striking in Milwaukee. And while workers are out in the street, McDonalds is actively trying to limit worker rights even more than they already do. For years, we’ve been demanding that McDonald’s stop sexual harassment in its stores, stop illegally harassing and… Read more →

BREAKING: Fast-food walkout in Detroit

Fight for $15 workers are on strike in Detroit right now. Politicians like candidate for governor Gretchen Whitmer, mayor of Flint Karen Weaver, and congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib, are standing alongside workers striking, and even risking arrest, for fair wages and union rights. This is a start of a wave – workers are rising up to… Read more →

Wins at Amazon. Wins at airports. WE WON’T STOP.

IT’S WORKING.  Amazon announced today that they are moving all employees to $15/hr — just days after 40,000 New York City airport workers won a $19/hr wage! This is thanks to the passion and advocacy of the Fight for $15 workers who’ve been speaking out, walking off the job, and marching for years. But this… Read more →

Connecticut Senator Meets With Workers to say America Needs Unions

This weekend, passionate workers and union members spoke with US Senator Chris Murphy about living wages, the right to organize, and the need for more Americans to be in unions at the final America Needs Unions Town Hall in Connecticut. Angel Candeario, the MC, kicked things off by reminding us all of the lasting impact… Read more →

Workers just WON in Missouri

Workers in Missouri organized, voted, and WON BIG. On the ballot was Prop A, a so-called “right to work” bill that would’ve limited workers rights to stand together, form a union, and earn better wages. But working people in Missouri refused to back down and voted to defeat Prop A by a 2-1 landslide. We’re… Read more →

VICTORY: Court delivers win to workers in Alabama

Victory for 40,000 minimum wage workers in Birmingham! This week, a federal appeals court ruled in favor of a group of Black fast-food workers in the fight over Birmingham’s minimum wage. In 2016, workers in Birmingham fought to win a minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $10.10 — but soon after, the Alabama Legislature rushed… Read more →

California workers rise up for unions

Childcare workers, fast-food workers, home healthcare workers and others from more than a dozen unions and organizations were joined by elected officials at an America Needs Unions town hall Saturday in San Jose, California. In the face of growing attacks on working families, they demanded a brighter future through stronger worker protections and more folks… Read more →