7/12/17 Press Clips about #SaveTheRaise

Protestors confront Greitens over minimum wage at news conference The Associated Press July 10, 2017 Gov. Greitens announces public safety plan for St. Louis, including troopers on interstates St. Louis Post-Dispatch Christine Byers July 10, 2017 In Missouri, A State Vs. City Battle Over the Minimum Wage WNYC July 10, 2017 Missouri Gov. Greitens slashes… Read more →

Illinois Senate Approves Plan to Increase Minimum Wage to $15/hr

In response to the Illinois General Assembly’s Passage of SB-81, which would gradually raise the state minimum wage to $15/hour, Chicago McDonald’s worker Adriana Alvarez, who is paid $11.00/hour, said on behalf of Fight for $15 Chicago: “When fast-food workers in Chicago first joined the Fight for $15 more than four years ago, nobody believed… Read more →

We took the #FightFor15 to McDonald’s AND Donald Trump

Woooooooooooooow, what a week! We took the #FightFor15 to McDonald's AND Donald Trump every single day. You've got to watch (and share!) this video of the action to see it all for yourself. Monday: Women workers in Chicago came together to discuss leading the struggle – from the Women's March to the #FightFor15, as they… Read more →

Patriotic Millionaires Call Out McDonald’s

Patriotic Millionaires, a group of investor-class leaders and advocates who fight for fair wages, fair taxes, and fair representation for all Americans, delivered an open letter to McDonald’s today on the eve of the company’s shareholder meeting. As explained by Business Insider, the letter was signed by the Chairman of Patriotic Millionaires Morris Pearl, a… Read more →

Tomorrow: March on McDonald’s

Tomorrow, we March on McDonald’s. We’ll be in the streets in full force, joined by major resistance groups from around the nation, as shareholders arrive for their annual meeting at McDonald’s headquarters. There’s no chance in hell the billionaire class will miss us as thousands march to demand $15/hr and union rights. We need to… Read more →

McDonald’s is the Donald Trump of corporations

Big news – we’re pushing the March on McDonald’s to the next level: Organizations and leaders across the Trump resistance are joining us to demand McDonald’s support $15 and union rights. McDonald’s is the Donald Trump of corporations. Trump AND McDonald’s have a long history of sexual harassment, stealing from or refusing to pay employees, and… Read more →

McDonalds’ 4 easy steps to STEAL from employees

Did you know that McDonald’s actually STEALS from employees? That’s on top of paying us way too little to cover our bills or feed our families. It’s one of many, MANY reasons we’re taking the #FightFor15 straight to McDonalds’ doorstep with the March on McDonald’s on May 23. You’ve gotta see it for yourself –… Read more →

4 BIG reasons why we’re marching on McDonald’s

We want to let you in on 4 BIG reasons why we #FightFor15 – and why on May 23, we’re taking that fight straight to McDonald’s doorstep with the March on McDonald’s.   Because 4 years ago, McDonald’s themselves ADMITTED that people need $15 an hour (and a magical, impossible budget) to make ends meet:… Read more →

McDonald’s Illegally Deceives Franchisees About Inflated Rents

WASHINGTON –McDonald’s violates California and Illinois franchise law by distorting how it calculates the inflated rental fees it forces franchisees to pay, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) charges in complaints filed Tuesday with the two states’ attorneys general. Citing “material misrepresentations” by McDonald’s to its franchisees around exorbitant rental charges, the union called on… Read more →