Solidarity with Starbucks Workers Fighting for their Union!

Starbucks, we see you union busting.

Collective action is brewing across the country. Starbucks workers in more than 100 stores have filed to unionize with one message: every worker deserves justice, equality, and a better life. Corporations get greedy and workers are uniting to reclaim our power. Starbucks is using the same union-busting playbook seen at McDonald’s, Amazon, and countless other “progressive”… Read more →

2021 was all about STRIKES and VICTORIES

This was the year workers said ENOUGH. We saw strikes across the country and around the world. We saw workers quitting jobs that didn’t pay or respect us in record numbers. And because of our solidarity, workers in 56 cities, counties, and states are getting a raise at the start of the year. More states… Read more →

Federal contractors WIN $15 minimum wage

fists up in solidarity

In a victory for workers, the Biden Administration finalized a rule implementing a $15 minimum wage for ALL federal contractors. This didn’t happen overnight: the workers that power the Fight for $15 have spent years organizing, voting, and striking to demand at least $15/hr, the least we need to live a life of dignity and… Read more →

Beaten, stabbed, silenced: violence in California’s fast-food industry and workers’ fight for a voice

Violence in California's Fast-Food Industry and Workers Fight for a Voice

AB 257 / FAST Recovery Act would address violence crisis New 911 Data Reveals ‘Crisis of Violence’ in California Fast-food Industry as Corporations, Managers Ignore Workers’ Concerns Fast-food companies promote their restaurants as family-friendly places to eat and work, but fast-food workers tell a grimmer story of restaurants that become havens for violent activity, in… Read more →

Workers around the world are calling for dignity and respect

Around the world the pattern is the same: workers are called “essential” but are treated as disposable by CEOs and multinational corporations. That’s why workers around the US — and around the world — have been saying enough, going on strike, and demanding fair pay, better working conditions, and more. The Fight for $15 and… Read more →


Tucson voters pass $15 minimum wage

VICTORY: TUCSON PASSES $15!   Voters in Tucson have passed a $15/hr minimum wage! 85,000 workers are on our way to $15! This didn’t happen overnight: the workers that power the Fight for $15 have spent years organizing, voting, and striking. This victory wouldn’t have happened without our movement. Our movement has already won $150… Read more →

Tucson: We deserve $15 — VOTE YES ON PROP 206 this November!

We are worth more. Join us to fight for $15.

Arizona’s minimum wage is still stuck at $12.15 – it’s just not enough. But Tucson voters have the chance to vote for $15/hr this November – a measure that would give roughly 85,000 Tucsonan workers a raise. Before Tuesday, November 2, vote YES on Proposition 206 to raise the minimum wage to $15 and make… Read more →

Celebrate the Fight for $15 this Labor Day

15 sign

Labor Day is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of workers – and how far we’ve come in the Fight for $15. In recent months, we have had plenty to celebrate. Here are some of the highlights: Delaware and Rhode Island went to a $15/hr minimum wage. Workers in Chicago won back pay for being… Read more →

Settlement in PPE lawsuit is a win for workers

Workers striking outside McDonald's.

Last year, a McDonald’s in Oakland, CA made headlines for forcing workers to work during the pandemic… and telling workers to use coffee filters and dog diapers as masks. This kind of disregard for safety and public health is unacceptable. Ultimately, there was an outbreak at the store, where 11 workers tested positive for COVID-19…. Read more →