#OrganizetheSouth: Workers in Durham demand union rights

Yesterday in Durham, workers, candidates, and others in the community gathered to declare that America Needs Unions – especially in a so-called “right-to-work” state with a ban on collective bargaining. They kicked things off with a clear message: “Union, yes!”     North Carolina has the second lowest rate of union membership in the country… Read more →

We marched today for good jobs, union rights, and FREEDOM

Today we marched and risked arrest in dozens of cities across the country with the Poor People’s Campaign, telling the rich and powerful we know their secret: Poverty is no accident — it’s something THEY created to keep us down. Poverty is woven into the fabric of this country. It’s in schools still segregated in… Read more →

WATCH: Poor People’s Campaign Week 5 kicks off in Jefferson City, MO

Week 5 of the Poor People’s Campaign starts today with actions happening in dozens of cities across the country. Everybody’s got the right to live — and we’re coming together to demand $15/hr and the right for workers to come together and form unions without fear of retaliation. Truthdig’s Michael Nigro was on the ground… Read more →

In Detroit, workers and politicians agree: America has ALWAYS needed unions

Michigan politicians praised unions at a standing-room only Town Hall in Detroit earlier this week, calling for a renewed appreciation of the positive impact union-led reforms have had on the American workforce. Workers spoke about enduring mistreatment at the hands of the companies they’d given years of blood, sweat, and tears. Others shared inspiring stories… Read more →

“Thank God for food banks…” Worker town halls continue in Miami

The America Needs Unions town hall series continued yesterday in Miami, with seven candidates for office joining adjuncts and fast-food workers to discuss the struggles working people face today. 64 million workers are paid less than $15/hour, holding back entire communities. These low-quality jobs put enormous stresses on ordinary families and weaken the social fabric… Read more →

American Needs Unions Town Hall Series Kicks Off in Tampa

Tampa America Needs Unions Town Hall

On Wednesday, May 30, Fight for $15 workers, union members, students, activists, and a congressional candidates gathered in Tampa to hold the first in the America Needs Unions series of Town Halls. Everyone who works hard should be able to make ends meet. But too many people are working longer hours for lower wages because… Read more →

We’re taking the fight to McDonald’s HQ

This Monday morning, over 100 McDonald’s cooks and cashiers are taking the fight straight to McDonald’s HQ to hand-deliver a letter to the company. Check out the letter below and then add your name to our letter now >> Our letter to McDonald’s Dear McDonald’s: We are cooks and cashiers who work behind McDonald’s counters,… Read more →