We NEED $15 too: Underpaid workers rally nationwide for $15!

In dozens of cities across the country, fast-food, home care, child care and other underpaid workers sharpened their calls for $15 and demanded that their elected leaders follow New York’s lead and find a path to $15 an hour and union rights. We won’t stop fighting until we WIN $15/hour for all underpaid workers across the country.

It’s time for $15 in New York!

We have a HUGE chance to raise pay for fast-food workers in New York to $15 an hour thanks to a special wage board with the power to raise pay TODAY. The momentum is with us: Sec. Hillary Clinton called for fair pay for fast-food workers, saying: “what you’re doing to build the Fight for… Read more →

“Largest Protest by Low Wage Workers in US History”

On April 15, tens of thousands people joined together in what the Guardian called the “largest protest by low wage workers in US history.” From the tens of thousands of people rallying in New York City to garment workers in Bangladesh, protesters across the world sent a crystal clear message: It’s time for $15, fair… Read more →

Fast food STRIKES in HUNDREDS of cities on April 15

BIG NEWS: Fast food workers are striking in HUNDREDS of cities on April 15. They will be joined by more than 60,000 people across the country and in 35 countries around the world. And workers from a TON of new industries will we standing with them – from home care and child care workers, to… Read more →